Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Happy and Sad.

This week has been great. We have rested, 
had a movie date, had a pool day, 
lunch date with daddy and it's only wed.
One of my good friends is coming in town next 
week with her little man.
It's always tough when friends move away but, we are so happy they are so happy in there new home. 
Still we are looking forward to hugging necks and
 catching up in person!

I still have so much to catch up on blogging but, I am just not willing to stop the summer fun to do so. :)
A phone dump will have to do.

I took Jack to see his first movie in a theatre Sunday.
 We went with our neighbor friends and we saw Cars 2.
It was very cute and he did good. he asked to leave a few times but, would 
quickly get back into the movie and forget about it. 
I forgot how much I love movie popcorn. I love salt.
Jack was a huge fan too!
{Best picture I got of the two Jack's}
 Pool days get thumbs up from both of us. 
 Lunch with daddy and he got this funny hat. 
He was "Moo~ing" all the way home.
 This kid cracks me up 
"Mommy look I took my pants off, I can't find them"
Also Nanny shared a few birthday pictures
 with me the other day. 
Yayy for family pictures.

Love this smile.


I have a couple friends going through some really
 tough times in their relationships. 
I hope things don't come to divorce. I think that is such a sad ending though sometimes the best decision. 
Katie posted this beautiful and brave post today about where she has been. I thought her words were worth
 sharing and hopefully they will help someone. 


The Hill House said...

LOL-Brandon asked to leave a few times too, but we just handed him more popcorn and Sour Patch Kids and he too forgot about wanting to leave. Glad Jackson liked it!

Allison said...

I laughed out loud at the picture where Jackson has his shorts on his head :)