Sunday, November 29, 2009

On the Move.

Proof that PT is working.
He is pulling himself up and cruising the fireplace now.

{{please ignore my southern accent, and watch the cute kid}}

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are sitting on the Thankful seat.
We are so blessed to even be here to tell you about it.
Family Safe and Warm, yummy smells coming from the kitchen.
Lighthearted banter between Bub's and Marah.
The Parade in the background. Football later for sure.

We are Thankful for all of you.

Most of all we are Thankful for our Savior,
someone we can pray to when times are tough,
pray to when we don't know what to do,
and pray to when we just need to say Thank You.

Hope your day is magical and happy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

{{circa. last year}}

Monday, November 23, 2009

Say a prayer for Mr & Mrs. B

I know some of you follow blogs and feel like you know the people who's blogs you read.
Well Summer is one of those blogs for me. If you haven't "met" her please go and do so.
Miss Summer at B is for Brown
is having her IVF tomorrow.
I just want to send out prayers for her and Mr. B.
They are aching to make their family of two, three or four. :)

This one is for you guys.

We are saying prayers that God will prepare you for what is ahead.

The Master Bedroom Reveal!

Let's talk about paint.
You know how they sell those little tiny jars now? To help you pick your wall color.
A try before you buy kind of situation?
Well, they suck for someone as indecisive as me.
Just ask say... Everyone.
I made Brian, Mom, Dad, and Nanny look
at the color's, talk about the colors. It was a mess.

I had inspiration bedrooms and ideas that I loved. So I knew where I wanted to go but, I was afraid of the paint situation. I didn't want something too dark but, I knew I wanted grey. I had 6 grey colors painted on my wall for a week. Crazy I tell you.
Here are my inspiration pictures.

We just loved this bed. The detail on the headboard is so our style.
It's Black, Modern but, still Charleston Chic.
That is what we call our style.
Yes, we made it up.
The Mood of this room, we loved. The lamps are romantic and feminine
in a masculine room. I love the dark wall color.
We have always loved eclectic wall hangings.
Random things that just scream "you".
So that was our starting point. Here was the process.

Taping, I hate taping...

The paint. We went with the darker grey and I am so glad.
B was worried but, it turned out great!

Ta Da...
Dark picture but, it's the bed we loved!

(click to enlarge)
The curtains have this fun circle pattern on them,
and we got crystal lamps!
This you know I love.
I got these wood wall hangings at the longest yardsale
two years ago for $3 for both!
If you don't know what that is look it up.
It is Heaven!
The "W" was our wedding cake topper.
Our picture montage...
Jackson hated letting me stamp his feet but, I know we will cherish
those baby feet for years to come.
The hanky is the one I carried down the isle.
La Vita Bella means The Beautiful Life in Italian, a little nod to my family.
The other picture is the actual drawing from Brian's first tattoo, he got it on this magical trip we took to hawaii. The guy did the "hook of maui". It was one of our favorite islands. Second to Kauai (We love you guys!) The symbols inside the hook are hawaiian tribal that stand things he and Brian talked about. Little things that scream "us". I think it does, you can click pictures to enlarge them and see them better.
This is the dresser the t.v. is on.
It is from the same set as the bed.

This bench I picked up at a garage sale. For $5.
It had an awful hot pink flower material on it.
I purchased this fabric to use in the kitchen originally but, it just didn't work.
It was perfect for the bench.
(sorry about the flip flop collection under the bench)

We really love the room now. It's so much nicer in a king bed
and the room feels so much more our style.

Once again. Thanks Dad! Your the best. Couldn't have done it with out you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Master Re-Do

This post has been a long time coming. We moved into this house about 5 years ago. We painted every room in the house. EVERY ROOM. While cute and her style, let's just say the previous owner was a fan of sponge paint. I am not, and by "We" I mean Dad and I. We make a great team. I jump around acting silly and he tells me to get to work.

I loved all the colors we chose for the house but, by the time we got to our master bedroom I just went with neutral beige and was done. We had furniture that was Brian's when we met. It was a Wood Sleigh Bed that had oversized pieces. You know how your style evolves? Say when your 21 and pick out bedroom furniture it may not be your same style (cough cough, your wife's) when you get new stuff 7 years later.

I never felt like the Master was "us" it was nice, and cozy but, something about it just didn't click. When Jackson was first born and I was still nesting I redid the Master(well re painted one wall. ) for Brian as a surprise.

These show good before and after pictures too.

Before. Just plain ol' beige.

After: Spicy back wall.
What can I say, it was an attempt.
WAIT! What is that in the room? A crib.

Yep, folks. I have a confession...

We Co-Sleep.
That pretty little crib and his nursery that is gorgeous! You can see it HERE.
(Omg! no you can't I've never blogged about his Nursery. I will next week.)
((Your going to Die, it's so cute))

Is not slept in very often.
(read: never)
I know, I know. Hold your opinions to your selves.
To each his own. You can put your baby in it's crib and that is fine with us.
But, we and I mean both of us. Brian loves to Co-Sleep as much, if not more than me
(Only more maybe because Jackson hogs my pillow not his)
love, love, love it. So there you have it.

So here we were,
Brian, a 16month old, and me in a queen bed.
It was time. A King was calling our name.
So I posted our bedroom suite on Craigslist. It sold in a week, Yayy!
Found another set and got to work...
I was determined to make it something we loved.
Dad said he was still up for helping and off we went.
Did you see the our kitchen redo?
If not you can HERE.

Check Back tomorrow and see what we did to the bedroom...
Yep, I'm going to make you wait.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Pink Pig 09'

This is a famous Atlanta holiday tradition. The Pink Pig arrives at Lenox in the fall and stays through the holiday season. We tried to go last year but, Jackson was to small to ride so I was excited for him to ride this year. Daddy met up with us and we made it a family outing. He rode the Pink Pig when he was small but, it was my first time also.

Last Year
This Year

Getting his ticket, he was so excited and didn't even know why.

How cute is this.
See why it's called the "Pink Pig"

He was paying such close attention

I have a feeling we will be riding the Pink Pig
several more times this holiday season.
Yayy, for the Holidays I love this time of year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This excited face will be explained tomorrow but, it does have something to do with the pink ticket he is holding... hint hint.

{{ I guess that wasn't very wordless }}

Monday, November 16, 2009

One Kids Trash is Jackson's Treasure. :)

You all know that site Craigslist?
Well, if you don't you should. They have a "free" section I honestly look at from time to time to giggle. I mean people give away "free" used toilets, 30 year old broken couches, ect ect.
Seriously, it's pretty funny and honestly all that junk gets picked up fast. Imagine my surprise when a kids train table from three days past was still available. No picture but, for free and it was close to Brian's work I thought, well it's worth a go. Honestly, Brian's work has a dumpster and I figured if it was that bad he could toss it.

He picked it up on Tuesday and I was so excited. I called him to find out what he thought and he said " It's in need of some serious TLC but, not dumpster worthy.".
Dad came over Wed and we got to work.
It was umm well just look...

Click to enlarge.

It was loved by two kids and had seen better days to say the least.

Dad and I got to work. I was on clean up duty he was patching the top. It seems they screwed down the train tracks that they had on the top. It wasn't there when we got the table but, the 40 holes were.

This was after I cleaned it. This drawer was missing it's base.
At this point we had to let the hole patch dry. So Dad packed up the table and took it home. He was going to spray the table to finish the remodel.
I decided I really wanted the top brown and not green.

We got to the house last night and... Dun dun dun...

It looks AMAZING!
Jackson loves it.
Yes, it's a Christmas present but, he didn't mind test driving it.
The top is smooth as butta.
(haha sorry I couldn't resist.)
Dad did an awesome job.
Side View
Remember that drawer?

Crazy huh?
Total Cost?

Table: Free
Spray Paint : Free I had a can of white and so did dad.
Brown Paint : Dad bought a quart for $7

Total for a brand spankin new train table...

$7. Eepp. That is amazing!

New one HERE for $120.00

That means we saved $113 dollars.
Not to shabby.

This was so fun.
You will see more of Dad's handy work when I show you
the master bedroom update finally :)