Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkins Revealed and Halloween Pics

Yes, it's November 4th and I am just posting these.
Hey at least it's not Thanksgiving. :)

We carved out pumpkins this year at mom and dad's.
It's a serious family tradition to us.
(MommaRa circa 1983.)
Everyone gets their own pumpkin to carve as they wish.
Here are some pics from our night.

Jackson was not as excited to clean out the guts as mommy was when she was little.
Maybe next year.
Mommy's Pumpkin can you tell what it says?
I "custom made" my stencil.
Hard at work...
Look at the concentration
Yayy for the Pumpkin's 09.
{Can you tell the one I did}
So yayy for Pumpkins.

Then onto Halloween Night.

It Rained, and rained and rained some more.
Ugh, Jackson didn't get to Trick or Treat last year because he was having breathing issues. So this year we were so hopeful we would get to go out. The rain had a brief break and off we went with some friends. We only made it to about 5 houses but, Jackson loved it! He was smiling at the people and pointing at the candy. It was so cute and we are hopeful next year he will be walking and the weather will behave.

Getting Ready for Jackson's first Trick or Treating Ever...
It was at...
Nanny Pam's House!
The gang braving the weather
More Candy Mom?
Bundled Up with Daddy
(I love this one)
Check out her face! I love how excited people were to see him.
Happy Halloween 09.


The Mrs. said...

I love it that you have pictures of you doing the same things when you were his age... :)

Rachel H. said...

Too cute!! I love the photos of you when you were the same age! :)

Nana said...

Yes......absolutely perfect!!! and yes 2 totally different diggin' in and lil' Jackson saying "ewwwweeee",,,yucky stuff!! how funny. so glad he did get to do a little trick-or-treatin'!! Love ya'll bunches hugs and kisses to Jackson!

Amo said...

I'm sorry it was raining, but those pics are adorable. And I love your pumpkins. You guys did a great job! We didn't even let our 14 month-old help with the pumpkin. We made a big enough mess by ourselves!