Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who knew it would be so hard...

To take pictures of an inanimate object.

Someone has a 2nd birthday coming up.
{well in 8 weeks}

I guess we are "not normal" but, birthday have always been a big deal in my family.
Not just your 1st or 16th but, every year.

So when Nanny emailed me that by this time last year we were already making plans we got on the ball.
So a good place to start is invitations right?
Thinking that this is the last year I am going
to get to help with deciding the birthday theme.
We are just doing a "theme" of everything he loves.

The invitation is going to be simple but,
include his most favorite thing.
Any guesses?

Jackson, let mommy take a picture of Sable.
{can you hear that laugh as he said "noooo"}
I knew I had all of a second before he wanted his best friend back.
Ok less than a second. He thought Sable needed a hat on.
and then he decided the photo shoot was over.
{and this is the only sneak you'll get until I reveal the invitation}

I think I got the shot.
Sable at his finest.
{well the best I can get}

I am so excited to see how it turns out.
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Game Ball.

Marah had a softball game this friday and she got the Game Ball!
It was so exciting.

Look at our girl running home!

watching Marah play.

Every time they come in to bat. 
He rushes to the dugout and waits for her.

Hi, Marah

Up to bat.

The game ball.
Everyone got to sign it.

Sweet Marbear with the game ball.

We have had the best time at her games this year!
She is so much fun to watch.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Take me out to the Ball game.

This past week Jackson's Paran {Godfather} was in town for work 
and we went to the Braves Game.
Jackson is into everything sports, so he got really excited to be 
at the ball game.
{He and Daddy watch ESPN before bed. No joke}

On our way in.

Go Braves!

Telling Daddy all about the game.

With his Paran.
We can not wait to go visit him at the beach next month.

They have this super cute kids area upstairs with a full size base run.
When it was Jackson's turn since he was smaller than most of the other kids. He stopped everyone and let Jackson run the length all by himself. He was so proud.
Daddy stepped away at the end 
so he could have his moment of glory.
Check out that smile!

It was a fantastic first Braves game even if they didn't win. 
We are already planning our next game. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

Happy Saturday Lovies.
It's a rainy day in Georgia here. So we are snuggled up and getting a slow start.
Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Here are some pictures from Jackson's 
first time playing with sidewalk chalk last week.                       
Sidewalk chalk is so summer for me. That and freeze pops.
We may have to get some this week.

He was concentrating so hard

Such a great sharing boy

Mouth Open thinking. 

Then like every boy he turned the chalk into race cars and 
started rolling them race style down the driveway.

The Winner

Daddy got out the hose so he could help water the plants. 
Then it was "sidewalk chalk what?".
This kid will drop anything to be with daddy
 and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can't wait Wednesday.

You know the best thing about a best friend that blog's?
Stealing her cute ideas when you got nothing. 

Check out Nanny's post HERE

I can't wait for a certain someone's big game 
{2 day's}

I can't wait for some family time at the beach with Jackson's Godfather
{27 day's. It's almost been a year}

This movie to come out!
{36 day's}

This concert later this year with some awesome friends.
{90 days}

What are you looking forward to this year?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you sm{th}ell it?

Daddy planted us some flowers in the front yard and one Yellow "weed" popped up. 
They are Jackson's favorite flowers, he wonders the yard and picks them for me. Ummm and they smell so good.
What you didn't know?

"Momma need flowfer"

"sthmell momma"

"StHmELLL Flowfer"


Did I mention those weeds flowers are my new favorite flowers ever?

Man we love this boy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

$10 make over.

A couple of weeks ago, on yet another 
thrift store adventure. I came across this little beauty.

What not your style? Don't worry mine either.
 I had been wanting to do a chalkboard frame to put in the kitchen for some time and
 for $6 I couldn't pass it up.

{that light color on the frame was the original color, I stained it in the end}

Bestie had some chalkboard paint from a little project she had done so I painted the backside of the painting since it was smoother on that side.

You let it set for three days then get to chalking.
Right about now hubby walked up and said "want me to do it"
Umm, yes please. You get messy.

Once you have the entire thing chalked you rub it in.

So Before:


The wall needs something else but, I love our new chalkboard frame. 
Hubby has a great idea so we'll see how that works out. 
I bought the stain for $4 so the grand total was $10 bucks and totally worth it in my book.

and to get your fill of my little man with no fear...

Jackson loves his anywhere chair.
Except lately he thinks it's funny to stand in it.
Then call me.
"Mommy, Mooommmmmy!"
"What Bub's"
"Haha No mommy"

{yes my child taunts me, he wants me to tell him no and to sit down}
Lord have mercy he has my, shall we say spirit. 

Look at that look.
{he is carrying a plastic spoon, it's his thing this week. He has carried it and sable everywhere}

and off he goes.

Happy Friday Lovies.