Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you sm{th}ell it?

Daddy planted us some flowers in the front yard and one Yellow "weed" popped up. 
They are Jackson's favorite flowers, he wonders the yard and picks them for me. Ummm and they smell so good.
What you didn't know?

"Momma need flowfer"

"sthmell momma"

"StHmELLL Flowfer"


Did I mention those weeds flowers are my new favorite flowers ever?

Man we love this boy.


Alicia said...

oh my so so cute!! i love the pics! he really is a little doll isn't he!

The Hill House said...

He's getting so big!!

Pam said...

So cute!! I love it... and the pic where you can :almost: hear him saying "smethell" <3

Nana said... precious! Love that Jackson