Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He's a genius, pretzel chicken and other randoms

It has become apparent that in the new year. I have just been not feeling the ol' blog. I can only produce random posts. I'm not sure why? We are spending plenty of time doing. Maybe just not enough time documenting.

Jackson is playing t-ball and all three of his practices have been rained out. He is beyond bummed. We have one scheduled for tonight and it is raining yet again. Dear Rain, please stop having it out on the Indians. They are 3 and 4 and would like to run around the field for a while. Fingers crossed the rain stops sun comes out and all is well with practice. I have my doubts.

Lately, Jackson has been having me write lists for him. He is his mothers child. At any given time I will have several going. The one I just wrote said "Dear Everybody, I am going to start school soon and play baseball. We will be friends." It's very cute that he thinks a letter is a list to me. He usually draws a picture or tries to trace the letters (illegibly). Love that dude.

We think he is a genius. Yesterday I was making said pretzel chicken I am going to link to in a second and using a mixer. He got all excited about making his "soup" in his kitchen but, ran around like a mad man looking for his remote control car Mimi got him for Christmas {Thanks Mimi, he LOVES it}. He busted out laughing and yelling for me to come look...

Check out that cheese face in the first picture.  He set up his car to "mix" the egg soup. The remote wheels were turning and stirring it for him. Genius I tell you. ;p

Other than life as usual we have been good. We got to visit with Wyatt this weekend and that was awesome. I have some pictures to share soon. Nanny survived her first week back back at work and for that we are thankful. It is consignment season. I have gone to my first two and am hooked. My neighbor and I are selling one soon. Holy safety pins and kid hangers. Up to my eye balls.

Daddy is kicking butt at getting in shape again. Why is it so much easier for men to stop sizes than women? Gah, I mean I am thankful for a hottie husband but, I have lost like 3 lbs and he is already down a pant size. We have a 5k coming up with some friends I am excited to run. It's been great staying active. We have determined Sunday are "our family day" and have been going to different trails close by and spending time hiking/jogging on our family days. It's been so nice to be outside so much.  I am going to get inspired to be here again. Sooner than later I hope.

Oh, made this last night. Delish... Pretzel Chicken. Seriously, so good and easy.
 Have any great recipes to share? I have been loving Pinterest for dinner ideas although, I am always on the lookout for more. My food board is here...Good Eats . I try to go back and comment on what I liked and what was yuck. You know there are always some misses.

Hope you guys are having a good start to your week and do a little rain dance for us. I think I am going to put the boy in the car and go get some caffeine. I've got safety pinning to do.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

This trip was so much fun. We got to spend some great time with family and friends. This year we took our friends Ed, Donna, William and Samantha. It was their first Mardi Gras and everyone had a blast. The food, company, daiquiri's, beads, king cakes, bloody mary's, french market, shopping. Even the rain. Something about New Orleans just makes everything better. Thanks to our family for once again making us feel at home and making the parades so much fun. They always know the best places to stand, let us hang out in the Ashley house and give us a place to stay. It's always so great to see everyone. This was Jackson's 4th Mardi Gras and to say he is a pro would be an understatement. He started out every parade yelling "Hey Mister, throw me something" and by the third float it would turn into "HEY! HEY! HEY!" It was so funny. Only 360 days until next time. ;)  I only took my cell phone and Diana camera {those pictures to come} so enjoy the pictures!

We actually left on Daddy's birthday. So when he got home from work around 9am. We had some balloons and his presents. We were so excited!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

 The trip was amazing as always. We have more beads than we will know what to do with.
 Happy Mardi Gras 2012. Be prepared for tons of pictures from our trip coming soon. It was so much fun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We love birthdays in this family. LOVE. I am more than thankful the people in my life have been born. Ha! But, none more than this guy. We love you so much daddy. Like can't put it into words, consumingly thankful, luckier than winning the lottery, a front row seat at our favorite show, fitting into my skinny jeans with ease kind of love. You deserve everything Brian. Happy Birthday!

Not to mention you are super hot. We shall be celebrating tonight for sure. xoxo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He is.

He is the guy who washes dishes when I cook.
He is the guy who gives me a hug for no reason at all.
He is the guy who teaches our son to respect me.
He is the guy who thinks to take our niece to the store to buy her mom a Valentine.
He is the guy who surprises me daily.
He is just the best guy ever and he is mine.

Happy Valentines Day Love. My forever is looking mighty fine with you by my side.


Happy 32 Anniversary to my parents. We love you guys so much.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, back with another catch up post. What can I say we are loving the warm weather here and staying busy. This week it has been a tad cooler but, it hasn't stopped us from playing outside and our afternoon walks.

1. A cold morning this week and me and my guy spent some time at Academy. His favorite store.
2. Walking, walking, walking. 4-5 days a week! Woop whoop.
3. Indoor hockey games.
4. Celebrating friends birthday parties. The digging corner was a big hit.
5. Finishing the birthday party crafts. Robots!
6. Zoo time with Miss A.
7. Registering for pre-school!
8. When did my baby boy get this big! He takes up more than half of me. ::tear::
9. Tuba, tuba, tuba. Drum, drum, drum. Getting ready for Mardi Gras!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Funny and A Cute

Oh my guy, he keeps us laughing.
I have a post of the silly things he says coming soon but, I wanted to remember these two stories.
Although, he will likely kill me for the first one day.

The Funny.
{if you don't want to read about poop skip this one}
Jackson is potty trained but, still needs help wiping. Since he will be starting
pre-k in the fall he will need to do this himself. So the other day when he called me into the potty
I explained that from now on, I will help him and then he will take a turn wiping so he can get used to it.
I cleaned him and handed him the paper to wipe. 
I kid you not, his hand went back there and he straight up gagged and said "that is discussing".
I busted out laughing. Well played Jack. I agree. ;)

The Cute.
Jackson's favorite color is weddow yellow.
The other day after lunch with Lala, Nanny and Durham, Jackson asked the lady at Chick Fil A if he could have a balloon. She asked him what his favorite color was and while she was pulling it out I prompted "what do you say" as placed the balloon in his hand and he blurted out "I LOVE YOU". 
He actually blushed. It was so cute. She said "Oh, I love you too". He tucked into my leg and was so embarrassed he hadn't said thank you. Later that night he was with mom and told her the story in his fast and furious way that I love so much. My sweet boy.