Monday, March 30, 2009


So Daddy was feeding Jackson last week and taught him to chew. Now every time he eats he has to show off his new skill. Enjoy the video.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First 9 Month Bath!

Ha Ha, No really. If it wasn't so cute I wouldn't bother but, Oh my gosh!
He was having such a great time, I pulled out the camera. 
Sorry CC, the cabinets will dry.

9 About 9 Months

9 Months! 
Holy Moly. I think of all the months (and they have all been great) this month has been my favorite so far. Jackson has just been changing so much and getting very interactive and that is so fun! We have the bast time together as a family.
 So here we go our favorite 9 about 9 months...

Mommies Fav's:

1. Oh the under the neck laughs. This may be my favorite thing ever! He will look one direction and let me kiss and then turn the other way. It just melts my heart.

2. Bub's is a little bashful. When he gets tickled or someone is trying to get him, he will snuggle into mommy. I love this so much. I will always take hugs but these are extra cute.

3. Our morning routine. When Daddy leaves in the morning, Jackson comes and cuddles in the bed with me. We sing and talk and high five. It's just special time. Sunday's are the best when Daddy is with us too.

Daddy's Fav's:

4. That he has started acknowledging everything. He not only recognises Dad's voice when he sees him but when he calls Bub's will look around the room for him. 

Nanny's Fav's:

5. His hilarious expressions (the dadada face is a favorite).

6. That he sings louder than you talk to get your attention. He does this even when I'm on the phone.

7. That he has gotten to long for the famous "Footed Onsies " seen HERE.
(aw, this one makes me sad)

NaNa and Grandpa Bo's  Fav:

8. Listening to him talk. This is so funny because Jackson has started babbling sentences. If that is even possible. His expressions change like he is really telling you something.

CC and Bobby's Fav:

9.  That he sings himself to sleep and laughs about it. That he light's up when he sees them. 

Wow our baby boy is 9 months. So much fun and kinda sad all at the same time. It is just going by so fast.


A New Look?

How fun that Danielle over at Well, that's just fabulous
who is also The Design Girl.

Is offering the chance to win a blog makeover. Now we all know Jackson is the cutest child ever but, how fun if we had a really cool look to show him off.

Cross your fingers.

Thanks, Danielle!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh The Cuteness...

Just playtime at home, but had to share.

Can we say relaxed?

"Touch my Sophie and your gonna get it"


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whoo Hoo!

That's right Whoo Hoo, because when you are almost 9 months and in your favorite toy it is game on. Oh Miss Geneva we could never thank you enough for all the good times we have in this bad boy.

Now if that much fun doesn't make you jealous that they don't make a Jumparoo in your size, I'm not sure what will.


Bucket Bub's

I posted one or two of these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but I was uploading the Flip video's tonight and found this one. So here are a couple more pictures and Jackson just being cute in a bucket.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

As most of you know Jackson made an early arrival. I often look at his baby pictures and just see my sweet boy. I know for some they are scary to look at but, to me that was my baby. I can see how blessed we are everyday when I look into his chubby smiling face. 

More of a blessing  is a picture I took on February 13, 2009. Why is that picture so special. Because it marked the one year anniversary of the first time we saw our little angel in a ultrasound. Some moments go by so fast. I can not believe how much Jackson has grown. 

Enjoy the "before and afters". Time sure does fly when you have a baby.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend of 76's and we took full advantage! Daddy didn't have to work so we got to hang out a bunch, and we always love that! Nana and Grandpa brought down the rug we had made for the house. With Bub's getting more mobile hard woods are just not very forgiving. They had a pad made for their fire place and we feel in love with it and had one made for ours as well. It's much nicer looking than the grey foamy things you see in every baby store and gave us some extra seating for gatherings. Tonight we had our Weekly Sunday dinner at Mom and Dad's. It was delish and Jackson took his bath in the sink, put on his mighty cute Pj's and we had to grab some pictures. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 


Sink baths are so fun.
Bathtime with Sophie
Monkey Pj's 
(this may be the last time we squeeze in them)
The New Rug
I am so excited about it :)
Fireplace pad hangs over an inch on each edge so heads don't bump the bricks.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and We Have A Tooth!

So this week Jackson was kind enough to let me take 400 pictures of him. I wish I was kidding. I'm not a professional so what can I say I delete a lot of shots. The upside is one out of every 50 or so is so darn cute it was way worth it. So enjoy the pictures. 
Oh and on Wed right before bed, Jackson and Daddy were playing on the bed and he bit him! That's right Mr. Man grew a tooth. Sweet Baby, I didn't even realize it was coming. 

This weekend. Nana and Grandpa are bringing our new rug and fireplace pad to the house. We are so excited. I have a feeling it won't be long and Bub's will be all over the place so this is just in time. I'm sure we will have another photo shoot sometime next week to share of that ;)


Bub's and Sissy Playing Easter Bunnies
Now onto St Patty's Day
Ashley gave me this bucket at one of my showers.
 Can I tell you, Bub's had the best time ever in this thing. He just sang and laughed it was to much fun!

This is my "dadada" face. Mommies Favorite.
I got my First Tooth! Bottom Left! March 4, 2009.
This is the most teething he did.
Oh it is this look that has got me, Ugh could he be any sweeter? 
A sneak peek into St.Patty's Day Shoot. Oh so many cute ones...
Gotta wait till the 17th...
I think I might have to send this out for Easter.
...I am not a fan of "THE BUNNY"...
(He really didn't mind the ears, but really wanted the toy
 I was waving like a crazy person to get him to smile. He was over it.)