Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play dates in the park.

This week the weather in Ga has been BLAH.
Rainy, overcast, all over nasty. 
While it has washed the yellow cloud of pollen
 away and we are thankful. It brought with it chilly weather. 
I am ready for my 70's to come back and play. 
Much like this fun weekend play date we got to have two weeks ago.
 One of the best things about watching 
Jackson grow up is also watching his friendships grow.
Even more fun when their parents are fun to be with. ;)
I have some pretty great mommy friends.
We got to have a wonderful park/lunch/play date with some of those friends recently.
 We had so much fun and look forward to many more days like these ahead. 

My boy.  Always starts going down forward but, 
flips and goes down the slide backwards. So funny.

I am in love with these babies.
Mr. L. The happiest little guy I have ever met.

 Miss S. 
Beautiful and so stinking sweet!

 Evie being precious as always.
   Mr William is so sweet and handsome. 

 S telling L about the day and giving a little scalp massage. 

 Mommy no pictures, I want to play!

 Group shot!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks Buddy.

This post is about how a tv dinosaur made 
me look like a genius mom. 
Don't judge it happens. ;)

This is Buddy.
Buddy is a T-Rex on a show called Dinosaur Train.
Jackson thinks this show is pretty funny.
 Buddy is always making hypothesis'. 

Wednesday Nanny and I were in the car headed to lunch. She mentioned coming in third place in a science fair for her hypothesis that air had weight. I have no clue how we got on the subject of science fairs. We share a brain so we very well could have been talking about chicken salad and some how that connected to air having weight. It's how we roll.

Anyhow, up pipes Jackson's voice in the backseat as he states
"A hypothesis is an idea that we test"

Nanny busted out laughing and was stunned. Needless to say I tried to play it off like we just had amazingly intelligent conversations and I had taught him the meaning until he also busted out
 "Buddy says that". 
Then I had to explain how Buddy is a T-Rex on tv. Ha!
Gotta love babies they will always call you out.

 Smartest baby genius ever I tell you. 
Thanks Buddy.

For your viewing pleasure. 
Jackson's favorite Buddy song. He sings it just to crack me up. 

Happy Weekend Lovies.

Take me out to the ball game

It's that time of year again.
Our girl started softball again. We love softball season.
This year Marah is on The Bulldogs! 
Good thing we all have plenty of Ga gear to wear. lol
The first game was two weeks ago.
They had a parade right before the games of all the 
teams and lots of fun bouncy houses and games to play. 
Jackson got in on the action too.
 He wants to do everything Marah does. 

Marah's first up to bat of the season. 
I LOVE these pictures. He adores her and vis versa. 

She hits, runs, and 

That's our girl! 
At a game this week she got  a double
(really a triple but, the other team already had an out).

Go Bulldogs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Painting again.

I have softball games, park visits, and wonderful friends to blog about
but, what am I blogging about?  
Paint Colors. 
My husband might leave me. 
{Not really, he loves me and my crazy painting ways but,
my dad may not talk to me for five more years when he has to pull out the scaffolding}

So here is the deal.
Sometimes I get an idea and I think about it for months/weeks days then
  it's all I can think about. Hence a painting post on a tuesday. 
So I read YHL like everyone else and love the light grey color
 they went with in their living room. I ran to Home Depot today and grabbed some 
paint samples and even though they all look white I promise they are not.
The middle one is actually the YHL living room color moonshine. While I like them B is not in love.
You know we gotta make daddy happy. 

So tomorrow we I am going to pick up this color.

                                                                         Source: on Pinterest

Plus I love the color's name, Stormy Monday.
Moody, Comforting, Perfect. Swoon.

I am thinking this is inspiration for maybe something over the mantle?
Who thinks I could do this? Ha!
                                                                     Source:  on Pinterest

Or this. . .
You know I love some chevron.
                                                                                      Source: on Pinterest

This is my frame inspiration for the wall. We shall see.
                                                                           Source: on Pinterest

Ahh, I will keep you posted.
So true, So true.

                                                                               Source: on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jackson's first card from a girl {other than his mom}

 We went to the zoo today with the lovely Evie and crew.
Right when she saw us she handed Jackson a card and present.
Cutest thing ever!

The card reads
"Getting into trouble with you"
"was never any trouble at all" 
If you aren't sure what is so cute about her giving 
Jackson baby powder, you may need to go and check this out.
I love it!

Happy Weekend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Nanny's Birthday Day. Oh and it's that green holiday too.

Here at Casa da W. We celebrate two holidays every March 17th.
One is that green holiday I celebrated in college.

The other much more important day is...

Nanny's Birthday!
 Some of our favorite memories this past year.

Maybe the best photo of your 28th year.

You guys are awesome!
 Go visit her here and give her some love.

Pam {Nanny}
I know you have some reservations about turning 29 but, like any good best friend I have gone
 before you and promise 29 only will bring you lovely things. 
You will rock it like every other year. 
You will become an older, wiser version of yourself if that is even possible.
You will go on great vacations, bake your heart out, go on hubby dates, take better photo's, 
have play dates with us, find more non-toe-cleavage shoes, 
decide between bangs vs. no bangs once again. 
Only this year you will be 29. 
I know it will be good to you. I have been praying. 
Praying that your only wish comes true this year and I have a pretty good feeling. 
So with that I say that I love you so much. WE love you so much.
You are more than a friend, you are family.
Happy Birthday.
We  can not wait to celebrate with you!  
Own 29. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even though I've been there for a while, I smile.

A song to make you smile. 
It came on the radio today and well, I had to smile.


Our Summer and Mr. B are in the process of adopting a little one 
and as you know this process can be quite expensive.
 Klaw came up with this great print in honor of Summer's Daddy Butch
 and all proceeds, 100% will go towards bringing Baby B home.
How sweet is this print?!

I love this couple so much. 
Even if you can't get the print send some love and prayers their way.


On another note.  
I asked you all to remember Brandi in our prayers yesterday. 
Tonight her best friend and husband went to heaven.
 I only know him through Brandi and I can tell you he was one hell of a guy.
 Please keep this family in your prayers. We are sending hugs and love your way girl. 
You can visit her blog here. She is simply amazing. I am lucky to e-know her. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The 1950's version of myself. {kinda}

This is my Monday . . .
in phone pictures, so that's not very 1950's.
I am listening to pandora and blogging so there is that too. 

Ok so the only thing semi 1950's I am doing today is this.
Well, and I am making dinner later. ;)
I am making this. Who doesn't love Pub food during a St. Patty's Day week.
This blog is by Evie's mom she is one heck of a cook. 
You can follow her or click her link over there >>>> 

Back to my day.
I have a helper. He is making sure all my cutting lines are straight.
This fabric is going to be a couple of several mis-matchy pillows on our bed.
I have some fun stuff to show you guys in there.

I also have on my favorite yoga pants of all time. I have had them for as long as Brian and I have been together. They are kind of like a yearbook of paint colors in our lives. I'm so sentimental lately.
He LOVES when I wear them. { did you catch my sarcasm }
I guess yoga pants aren't very 1950's either huh?
Oh, did I mention we celebrated our 9th first date anniversary last week.
Holy Moly that is 1/3 of my life so far. Couple high five to us. <3
This is kind of romantic, except that he is singing jingle bells. 
So maybe more festive?
Yes, this is panning out to be a pretty great Monday. 

If any of you are sparing extra prayers.
 I have an E-friend Brandi who is the strongest woman
 I have ever known. She is going through a lot right now. 
Brandi we are thinking of you guys, 
I hope you can feel our love.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Footprints anyone?

We had a lovely play date today. 
There was lunch, playing drums, the dumping of an entire bottle of baby powder.
Yes, you read that right. It got quiet for about 4 minutes we went down the
 hallway to his shut bedroom door. 
Opened it to find this. 

Really in this moment all you can do 
is laugh and grab the camera.
They were so proud. 

No, these are not blurry.
That is a powder cloud!

At least his room got a good deep cleaning. ;) These two keep us on our toes for sure.
Note to self:
 When two small children get quiet. Be afriad, that and don't leave a powder bottle within reach it's just to tempting. 

Baby powder foot prints anyone?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love the way you...

As we get closer to Jackson's 3rd birthday something is happening. 
I am watching him become a little boy and my baby little, by little is slipping away.
It is a bittersweet time. I think I am just trying to soak it all in. Daddy too. 
When we got back from Mardi Gras Daddy said Jackson seemed bigger, more grown up. 
He was talking clearer and explaining things differently. I have heard people say that once you
 have children time has a way of slipping by faster. It is so true. 
I want to cherish these moments. 

Love the way you. . .
* Tell me that you "need something".
 Sometimes I think you just want to talk and this is a good opening line. I always go through
 the list with you. A drink, snack, hug or kiss. Usually you pick one of the first two 
and I end up with one of the latter. 

Love the way you. . .
* Have found your pockets. 
At random points in the day you will stand around and have both hands in them. 
It must be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

Love the way you. . .
*Snuggle from daddy's pillow to mine.
It's like a big game when we let you in the bed. Who will you snuggle with first. 
We cherish these moments and talk about how we better eat them up because 
we know they will be gone before we know it.

Love the way you. . . 
* Always end bath time by swimming until the last drop of water has gone down the drain.
You lay on your belly and flail your arms and kick your feet. Then stand up for us to wrap you up.

Love the way you. . . 
* Say I love you more than peas and carrots.
Because peas are your favorite and carrots are mine. 
Be still my heart every time you say it. 

Love the way you. . .
* Play in the mirror.
It's dancing to "hands in the mirror", "Tutti ta", or making the boy laugh. 
You are always cracking us up.

Love the way you. . .
* Still love your sable.
You hold him upside-down and rub the tag. He is so well loved.
It has been this way since you were so tiny.

Really we just love the way you do everything. 
{sigh, this is one sappy momma tonight.}

Go hug your loved ones and
 tell them that you love the way they. . .

Happy Mardi Gras!

We are home from a wonderful trip home for Mardi Gras! 
We wanted to get home to daddy and 
celebrate Fat Tuesday with daddy. 
Today is the day before lent for all of you good Catholics. ;) 
What are you giving up this year?

Here are a few pictures from our trip. I will post more 
once I get them from Sash, mom, and Cheri.

One of the day time parades on Sunday. 
Endymion on Sunday. 
It is my favorite parade. 
So beautiful with all the lights!
Jackson loves Mardi Gras. 
I love seeing him get so excited.
Today with a SMALL portion of his beads and such. 
Jack gives a big thumbs up and a "Hey mister throw me something" to you all.
Tonight we will celebrate with King Cake from Gambino bakery.
Enjoy the day! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mind Dump

Random MckRandomsom here today folks.

I was driving to a zoo play date this morning and realized there are songs that 
when they come on the radio I can not change the station. This was the one that played this morning.
It automatically put me in a great mood.

One of my top 10 favorite movies for sure.

Jackson touched a snake at the zoo.
He thought it was the neatest thing ever. Dear Lord do not let him see one in the yard
 and think he should touch it. Mommy might have a heart attack.


A girlfriend told us about a new flavor at our favorite yogurt place.
Even though it is a good 25 minute drive when I told Brian about it.
He said "let's go". An impromptu dinner with my sis and Ben later we had some yogurt.
It was awesome. I really love her living closer to home now.
On our way into town the sun set was awesome.
 I really have the best husband ever, he is always doing above and beyond.
It's the little things that add up to the big deals. I am one lucky girl.


Anyone else do this? Take pictures of things you want to remember in magazines?
Saw this and it looked great!  I am going to have to try it at our next dinner party.
This weather makes me want to throw said dinner party sooner than later.


See random. Hope you guys have a great weekend. We have an exciting one planned.
 I will have to share next week. I'll give you a hint.
"Hey, mister throw me something"