Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Years

A few days early. ;)
This week has been a wonderful way to end the year. 
Celebrated mom's birthday {twice}, got some great baby news, got some great mommy friend news.
Got to visit with Drew coming in town {Jack cried when he left}, got to hang out with some
 great friends, and spent lots of family time. It's been grand.

I am hopeful and excited for what 2012 will bring. 
I leave you with this amazing song. It makes me so happy every time I listen to it.
{that has maybe happened 20187363 times}

and these...

1. New Years chalkboard. 2. Snuggles with Durham. 3. Rocking on his drum set. 4. Baby Wyatt
and what we will be playing with New Years Eve...

Happy New Years Lovies!  

Monday, December 26, 2011

That boy.

I shall be back with a recap of Christmas but, wanted to get this down so I didn't forget it.
This morning Jackson was worried that he hadn't told Santa thank you. 
I explained that the cookies and milk are away of saying thanks and that Santa knew he was thankful.
Then he asked me since it was Jesus birthday and then he got lots of presents when Mother's Day would be? I asked him why and he said "because I love you mommy and I want to make you hearts".

My sweet baby is so thoughtful. I hope he always stays this way or that I can at least remember these moments during the days he is not acting so sweet. ;) 

We are so very blessed.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's the time of year we all get sappy and rightfully so.
We miss those who are not with us anymore.
We tell stories with our families and laugh at the same ones we did last year. We have dinners and deserts. We celebrate. 
We love. 
Merry Christmas to everyone who stops 
by this little place I call blog!


Friday, December 23, 2011

The Kids

We had a fun photo shoot to get some 
pictures in their Christmas pjs. 
I can't believe how big they are these days.
I pray they always love each other this much.

Love these babies. <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa 2011

We had a great visit with Santa this year. We actually saw him in early November. Jackson didn't cry so that was a big improvement from last year.  He was very serious but, was pretty excited about him when we left. The video this year was just great. They talked about what Jackson wanted and how he had been this year. 
We just love Santa Johnny. 

Writing his list.
His List 2011. 
The lawnmower had us all cracking up.

Jackson and his Bobby. They are best buds.

Family Photos. It's funny I am in three of these, 
I hate to have my pictures taken. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little Pinterest {holiday} love.

I seriously love to be inspired by beautiful pictures and crafty ideas. 
Here are some of my favorite pins this holiday.
If your not on pinterest, leave me your email
 and I can send you an invite.
You can follow my boards here.

Holiday Starbucks cups. Tall hot chocolate with no mocha drizzle.
My holiday drink of choice. 
                                                                   Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

Sister and I have a date friday to make some holiday wreaths.
I think I found mine...

                                                                      Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I so adore this look. I will be on the look 
out for a tree branch for next year.
I think I want to hang our cards on the wall like this.
                                                                      Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I will be making this next year too. So cute!
                                                              Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

This is still on my list to DIY for this year.
                                                              Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

You know, just in case anyone wants to make me one. ;) 
The cream grey and purple. Love it. 
                                                                             Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

My holiday inspiration for presents.
 I love craft paper!

Any fun holiday crafts or inspiration you want to share?
Link me to your holiday boards. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Time

Last week we got together with Evie and Liam to decorate a Gingerbread house. The kids had so much fun decorating it. Even if it fell apart in the end. You should all check out Michelle's blog and see the awesome 25 days of holiday cookies she is doing. 
I can tell you from experience the ones I tried were amazing.

Here are some pictures from the day. The great ones are from Michelle and her camera.
My grainy phone pictures also thrown in. :) 

I love this one with my guy. I have so few with him. Thanks M. <3

Thanks guys for such a fun day. Jackson has been loving his 
Sable backpack and it has made several trips with us already!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I always enjoy decorating and getting
 in the spirit throughout the house.
This is us this holiday. 

The mantle.

Our tree and some of the special ornaments. 

Jackson's yearly ornaments.




Jackson's playroom tree.

My sweet boy, this year and last. 
Look how much he has grown.

I still have a few Christmas presents to wrap up and pick out but, for the
 most part we are ready for the big guy and family time.
How are you doing with your holiday to do list?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mind Dump

  • Durham is here! Durham was born last Thursday and to say he is perfect would be an understatement. This is my favorite picture I took of him the day he was born. Aside from the first family shot. Go check out more here.

  • The holidays are some of my favorite times of the year. I always hit a point when I hate that we have schedules at all. I just wish there was more time to fit everything fun in. I get a tad overwhelmed sometimes and just crave being a homebody in December. On another note, I read somewhere about someone saying their love language was giving presents and I couldn't agree more. The hunt, the deal, the love behind something makes me so happy. I would love to be a personal shopper. So I could have all the fun but, not spend the money. This year we are doing gifts on a big budget but, it's kind of exciting to see what we can come up with. I made this tonight. Some lucky people will be getting bottles. Yummy.

I am loving the way our house is looking more festive. I need to post some pictures soon. That also means I need to take some pictures to share.

  • Jackson has been having breathing issues again. :( These came on fast and are being awfully stubborn. I think we have found the right medicine. Fingers crossed and prayers being accepted. I just hate when my little guy feels bad. 

  • We get to go visit Wyatt {and his mommy and daddy} in a couple weeks. I can't wait to get my snuggles in
 with him. They just live to far. 

  • B and I have a date planned for this weekend.
It is much needed and I am excited to get to sneak away with my guy for a few hours. We are going to see one of our favorite bands.
The Wood Brothers. Actually hubby's next tattoo 
was inspired by one of their songs

Alright, mind dump and sorta caught up. I'll be
 back with pictures of cute kids soon!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am so full of emotions as my bestie and her husband are getting
 ready to welcome their sweet Durham into the world.

I am so thankful to have you in my life Nanny.
Thankful, Thankful. 

We have laughed and cried. Danced and celebrated. 
Ate and shopped. You have helped me become 
the mommy that I am today.
You have loved my sweet boy from the very start.

I can assure you I can say the same about Durham.

So tomorrow, when you hear him cry for the first time and hold him and smell that "my baby" smell for the first time. When you feed him and you watch Chris hold his son and become a daddy.
Know that I will be in the waiting room. Camera in hand. 
With a hug for you and oh so ready to celebrate
 the birth of your sweet man.

One more sleep! 
Please send easy peasy delivery and recovery prayers for Pam.
We can not wait to add to the family once more. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our family grew

This year we are thankful that we grew by 6 pounds 12 oz, 19.5 in at 1:34pm, friday November 25th.

We are so in love. Wyatt Andrew Frank L.
Justin and Tori I am so proud of you.
It was a long day and poor Tori had a rough afternoon too.
But, eye on the prize. 

I am so in love.

Can you believe how lucky I am. 
I get to have another nephew on Thursday.
My heart may just burst. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ch Ch Changes...

This may be a little thing for everyone but, it feels like big stuff to us. Since in this economy our "starter home" became our "forever home". We have been making minor updates around the house.
Sure, we have a laundry list since our house is a little older.
replace window that are drafty, seal everything, paint house, fix deck boards, update master bath 
But, the reality for us is slow and steady.
 A little ch ch change at a time.
{do you have that song in your head yet?} 

Our kitchen area looked like this before.
Wooden slat blinds all around. They are nice but, honestly 4 out of the 6 were janky and wouldn't open/close all the way. Or had broken pieces since they came with the house like this. 
It also gets really hot in the summer and cold in the winter in this part of our house. Not to mention the sun is blinding in the afternoon. Since we loved the light but, not the blinds we decided to take them down one day. It got our wheels turning but, the blank windows left us feeling kind of naked. lol 
Best view I could find although, the angle is way different.
So part a lot of my day yesterday was spent like this.
Sewing machine, pandora, ironing board, iron.
From Ikea these curtains were the best for our budget.
They came with metal circle rings at the top.
Not our style. So I sewed new tops and hemmed the bottom.
and now...
In the dark, since it gets dark at 6. 
Anyone else hate daylight savings time?
All finished. We love them.
Not a huge change but, man it feels like one!
Now to convince B we need a farm table. lol 
Little changes at a time but, we are happy happy. 

**edited to add daytime pictures** 
wonky but, added.

Have you done any small or large room changes lately?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catch Up.

First and foremost my dad is having surgery this am.
Please send out some speedy recovery and easy surgery prayers his way. It's always hard to have someone you love have surgery.

Next up is a phone dump catch up.
 My favorite kind of catch up.

This was another pinterest inspiration. 
It was kind of a pain but, I love the way he came out.
I used the tutorial from here. Follow my boards here.

1. Halloween costumes at 70% off. Yes, please. 
2. Making of apple pies! 
3. Firefighter Rock Star.
4. Awesome fort time with daddy.

1. Coloring away the all to crazy grey.
2. Piles of leaves!
3. A good red wine for fall.
4. Southern Gentleman with the girls.

Today we also watched the Saints beat the Falcons. 
A win we love so much! Who Dat!

I am feeling pretty productive.
 I'll come back tomorrow and share why. :)