Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Friday, Woo Hoo and Jackson's Room

Happy Friday Lovies.
Man this week has kicked my bottom been long.

 1. Being sick is no fun, watching Jackson not feel good is worse than being sick yourself.
 2. Dad got bit by a Pit Bull {not kidding} he is fine thank god, don't get me started.
3. We are finalizing plans for our trip for Brian's 30th Birthday. 
4. Also planning one heck of a Super Bowl shin dig for our Saints.
{umm I can not wait for next sunday}

 On to the eye candy
I realized going back that I never shared pictures of Jackson's nursery on here.
Let me be honest.
We are a cosleeping family.
Translation, for those of you going huh?  
That means Jackson sleeps in our amazing King sized bed, all cuddled up with us every night. 
Yep, 19m and he still sleeps with us.
We love it. 
I mean seriously every time we have the conversation about moving him out we just can't do it.
It's just to sweet and we know it won't last forever.

But, like every other couple planning for a baby. 
We dreamed, planned and created a precious space for our sweet baby to be. 
{We didn't find out the sex.} 
I am into surprises. I love them. 
Brian not so much but, being the good sport that he is and the fact that 
I was the one waddling around, he went with it.
{he already says IF there is a #2 we will find out, I'm down with that}

Designing a baby room is tough,
Not to mention if you don't know the sex and don't like yellow.
{um, that's me}

I love to watch HGTV and had seen a plan for a nursery paint job that I loved.
{actually, I think it was a girl from HGTV but, was on Rachel Ray 
and I can't stand her show so it must have been fate}
I showed the idea to Brian and he loved it. I had him pick the colors.
 The nursery on the show was done in yellow's and green's. Not our style really.
Who am I kidding. I have no style but, Brian just has a great eye for design. 
So here is what we ended up with.

At the time I would have sworn this room was for a boy or girl.
I was going to bring in a pink chandelier and pink bedding for a girl.
Looking at it now, I must have known it was a boy even though I had no feeling one way or the other.

I will admit this paint job was very ambitious for two people who hadn't ever tried something like this.
I remember telling B we'll only have to tape once and be done in one day.
Ha! Here is our journey in pictures and each step was a day so the paint could dry.

Nice with my mouth open. 
{I'm sure I am trying to convince Brian to let me stay standing on the chair. haha}
Step 1

Step 2

{the jackson before we knew if he was a jackson or a jane}

Step 3
{We did this on two walls. That is why this one is a corner}
{{so really times these steps by 2}}

Step 4

Step 5

and ...

Ta Da!

He does love to play in there and one day I know he will have sweet dreams in this room. 
When he's older we do feel like the look is cool enough to grow with him. 
The "All because two people feel in love" vinyl words do peel off. 
So he won't have to be 6 with this above him even though I think it's swoon worthy.
So there you have it. Our little man's room.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pots and Pans

Jackson, what are you doing?
{man, wouldn't you just kill for those eyelashes}

Once (or 20x) a day it sounds like the walls are coming down in my kitchen.

What can I say, all the toys in the house and he would just rather bang around in the pots and pans.
{I hope he turns out to be an amazing cook}
(a mother can dream right)

It's really like music to my ears.
Loud, head banging music but, music none the less.

I love this. 

{found here}

Miraculous I tell you, miraculous

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Award for Me?

I am so excited that Short Southern Momma
 {this could so be my name too}
gave me this precious award.

How sweet is that!

She is also hosting a giveaway where you could win this beauty.
{love it!}

Umm. Yes please! 
Thanks for this wonderful award and go and check out her giveaway!

I will pass on this lovely 
to some of my favorite bloggers new and old.
They are all worth checking out.

Dixie Lust... Seriously just looking at this chic's blog makes me feel at home.
Where a woman shakes her tablecloth... Such a fun read and I can relate to all of her stories
Skunkboy Creatures... she makes these amazing little creatures and is gorgeous. I seriously want her hair!
Brown Girl Blogs... Sister is smokin hot and just got a blog makeover to match. Great Blog
(flash) pasteurized ... She cracks me up and for being young she is wise beyond her years. Did I mention she cracks me up? :)

So there you have it. Tag you are it!
Go forth and tag 5 of your favorite reads.
Thanks again SSM.

You put a smile on my face today.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Icky's

We got em.

Ear Infection ... Check
Stomach Flu ... Check
PINK EYE ... Check

Poor Jackson. 
When they say it happens in three's they weren't kidding.

and today I woke up feeling like I got hit by a mac truck. 
{who takes care of mommy when mommy gets sick?}

Thank God for Daddy. 
He came home from work today to baby us both!

Say a prayer for Bub's. 
My little man is needing mucho cuddles right now.

Be Back later this week 
::fingers crossed::

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh MY Gosh...

Super Bowl 2010 Bound!
Who Dat Baby.
We are celebrating for sure.

Geaux Saints!

Big Day in this household. 
Our boys are playing in the NFC Championship for second time ever,
 FIRST time ever in NEW ORLEANS Louisiana {NOLA} !

{Man to hear that crowd when the boys run out on the field. My Grandma would be so proud!}

If When we win tonight we would be will be going to the 
Super Bowl!

Who Dat, Gonna to beat them Saints, Who Dat.
Who Dat!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Right before bed everynight...

This is what I always see...

I love it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafting with Nanny

You guys may hear me talk about Nanny from time to time...
She also has a blog

This is Nanny.

Her real name is Mrs Reagan.
She got married last September
You can read/see some pics HERE

We call her Nanny because she is Jackson's Godmother and well,
Nanny just stuck.

They love each other so much.
{Nothing makes me happier to know this}

It's crazy to think that when we met.
{we worked together, she was my boss}
That I called her supervisor on her because she was a Bea-bea we didn't get along.
You would never know now, were besties for sure.

We love when we get to spend time with Nanny.
Today it was all about crafting.
{and snuggling and playing catch}

Nanny had seen a shirt (actually a onesie) with the cutest pair of sunglasses on it.
She was inspired and we were on a mission.

We grabbed a $1.99 set of black jean patches and printed out some glasses and staches to trace and went to town...

Jackson came out with a rockin' onesie but, he wasn't really excited about modeling it for us.
What you can't see is Nanny shaking the maracas and me singing 
like a crazy person to get him to look.

I tried to get him to wear his mustache...

It was a "no-go".

Maybe next time.

Here is what our shirts ended up looking like.

Nanny asked me for broken toys today for the next project...
I guess we will see what that's about in the next few weeks.
I can't wait.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday {morning edition}

{no Jackson's were harmed in the making of this wordless wednesday}
{{mommy was right there}}

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Want a gift on Valentines Day?

Then join this wonderful swap hosted by

B is for Brown 

{these ladies are the bestest of buds and two great chicks in my book,}
 {if you don't "know" them you should}

You can read more about this HERE.

You can sign up by the 21st {this thursday} and I hope you will.
Hop on over and sign up.
It's like the best kind of pen-pal situation!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Old School.

I'm sure some of you guys are on Facebook.
{me too}

Lately a lot of my friends have been taking it "Old School" and posting pictures of them when they were younger with their families.


I think it is so fun to see blast's from the past.
I am going to share some of my favorites for you today.

My dad while he was fishing on a boat in Alaska

Mom was younger than I am now in this picture.
How cute!

Lil Me

The most running I have ever done in my life.

Me and my baby brother.
{rockin the Farah hair}

Check out that car seat!

There is a Mexican place in New Orleans called Pancho's when you have your birthday there. You get a mini pinata. So every year we went to get our picture made with our pinata.

This was our idea of taking my baby sister for a stroller ride.
Safe huh?

Old School Jackson 3wks
{almost 6lbs}

What are some of your favorite old school pictures?
I would love to see them.