Monday, August 5, 2013


It's a big day here at our house.  Jackson has his very first day of school. In true sappy momma style I had a flood of emotions wash over me in the last week. From excitement for him,  sadness over him being gone all day and fear over the kids being kind because of his new glasses (another post in itself).

The bottom line is the boy is excited. He can't wait to have real gym and learn more math (his favorite subject). I know he will do awesome this year but, there is something tremendously bittersweet to think that this is the start of school forever,  college and then a life of his own (dramatic much). This little man became my full time job (literally and figuratively) while I was still pregnant and put on bed rest. I know in a few weeks when the routine finds it self I will be thankful for the special time Lena and I will have. The excitement in picking him up each day and listening to his stories but, humor me while I boo-hoo a bit tomorrow. I think this must be some sort of mommy rite of passage as all of my mommy friends have the same FB posts and newborn/now pictures scattered all over. I was listening to daddy pray with Jack before bed about his new class, friends, teacher and I was reminded my boy is in good hands. I know the only one who loves him more than we do has gone before him and put everything in place for him. He is on loan to us and I am so thankful. These last five years of Jack and I have been the best and I am so blessed to think I have had so much time with him. These years I will cherish forever. I can not wait for us to figure out our new normal as he starts his school career.
::done gushing for now::

Kindergarten pictures of our boy.

This one is technically so off but, this picture is everything that 
is my boy. So it is absolutely perfect in my eyes. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

She Eats!

Rice cereal but, still the cuteness is out of control. She loved it. Then spit it up, then ate some more.

First Bites...

Yes, three videos of her eating. I love it. Let the fun begin!

Months 3 & 4

This whole every two months thing is looking like a theme. Poor second child. ;p

With Jack we went to the pediatrician monthly. Heck most months more than once. Tis' life with a premie I guess. So this whole "see you in two months" thing still seems kind of weird but, I like it a lot.

So, here she is in all her glory. Now for 3 months I have no idea how much she weighed or how long she was but, girl was growing for sure. Started laughing and still hated tummy time.

 4 months... 15lbs 9oz, 26in . Sister is a chunk 90% on height and 50-60th for weight. Started lifting her head!!! This is huge. Still not a tummy time fan but, will do it. She loves to talk and brother is the funniest guy alive.

Love this baby girl and whoa check out my boy getting all grown up on me. <3 nbsp="">

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Number Five.


It's your fifth birthday today and I am overwhelmed with how much this one has hit me. We have had a big, fun year full of changes. I'm not sure if it's the fact that five seems like such a big boy age or the fact that I am constantly watching you become this big kid that has done it but, the switch has been turned.

Your mind is this amazing treat we get to watch. You invent, discover, take apart, recreate, cook, build, and explore daily. Your stories take me to places I could have only dreamed of and your imagination is the best. You see, hear or read about something and that is it. You are coming up with ways to re create it at home. You are always putting together contraptions that make sense and would totally work. It's really awesome to watch you think in general.

You are funny. Not goofy, silly we are working on loosing up a bit but, ba da ba ching. Like you tell jokes and enjoy making others laugh. Your very favorite joke this year was "what time is it when an elephant sits on your fence... time to get a new fence". Lord, you are a mess.

You are an amazing big brother. From the very start. You wanted Lena before daddy and I knew we did too. And boy did you know you know just how to love. I am sure in the coming years when she is getting into your stuff you two will drive each other nuts but, for now it is head over heels love. That sissy girl is your favorite. You call her fatty cheeks. I am sure she will hate you for that one day. It's the most fulfilling thing to watch. My little who turned into the big.

Pre-school. Rocked it. You learned so much this year. Your writing and drawing came into its own. Math is for sure your favorite. I can't wait (and can wait) to see you nail Kindergarten too.

You still love that Sable. This is your last little kid thing and with every fiber of my mommy being I hope Sable stays a pal for a long, long time.  Family game nights and banana shakes. You are that kind of fun. You are our heart buddy. I'm not sure there are even words to tell you how lucky we are to have you. Daddy and I are twice blessed with you and Lena.

Happy Birthday My Love. I can't wait to see what 5 has in store for us.

Mommy & Daddy & Lena.
How our 5 year old woke up. <3 nbsp="">

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today marked a big day in our house. It was Jack's last day of pre-k. We have seen him grow leaps and bounds this year with Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Kelly. It's really amazing. Today was bittersweet walking down that hallway one last time to pick him up but, this means he is having his first official summer and that we have a Kindergartener. Gah!

First Day. Nervous and excited. Plus, his hair hadn't started to really curl.

Last Day! He has this whole school thing down and loves it. I swear his legs grew an entire foot this year looking at the pictures. We are so proud of you big guy!

And now onto 6w of fun packed summer. We plan on soaking up every minute and staying busy with friends while we can. Next year is 5 day/full day. I swear I was just holding him as a newborn. ::sigh::

Saturday, April 27, 2013

One & Two

7lbs 5oz. 21.5 in

10lbs 15oz. 23 in

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lena's Story.

6 weeks and 3 days. That is the amount of time that has past. We have been so busy living I haven't taken a moment to get down the blessing that was the day Lena joined us. So, get comfy. This may take a minute.

                                                                           Lena 6w

We can rewind to a week prior to her birthday. I was going in for my 27w apt and having my  membranes stripped. I had talked to friends and stressed for a week leading up to this point. I mean how comical to have shots every week to keep me pregnant. Seeing the Dr every week and the perinatoligist weekly from 22w on and then here we are trying to start labor.    ::Sarcasm::

Brian had taken off work so that he could go with me for moral support. I was seeing my midwife who I adore, Amanda. So imagine my surprise when she checks me and laughs "girl, you are a 5 and your water is bulging. Go home, have a nice lunch and pack your bags. I will see you at the hospital at 1."
Que the tears, nerves and excitement. We called my parents, rushed home to get ready and then a quick stop by their house to hug Jack and get ready. We were so excited. It was happening. Now right when we walked in the hospital we saw my OB, Dr. Sighn who I adore and she made a comment about "we shall see". I immediately knew. I wasn't having this baby today. I knew what my body felt like in labor and I might be dilated but, I wasn't in active labor and I knew Dr Sighn wasn't going to induce me for fun. I was so disappointed. Now up to this point I hadn't heard of anyone being sent home dilated to 5cm. Guess what, now I do. Me. I was so sad. We had to tell Jack it wasn't "Lena Day", send texts to friends who were praying for her delivery. Ugh, I was so sad. I was pretty done being pregnant at this point but, honestly. It was just what I needed. I had been trying EVERY old wives tale, everyone several times a day. I ws over it and hadn't enjoyed our last time as a family of three. I wasn't resting, I wasn't enjoying my pregnancy. So this was a mental slap to chill out and enjoy. I wasn't in control. I just needed to go with the flow. Now,  I did walk 4-6 miles daily for the next week. I may have been enjoying but, I was also ok with encouraging this chicken to come on. They had me come in every couple days to get checked and make sure I didn't need to be sent in. All of the nurses in the office were placing bets on when I would go into labor and I kept telling everyone I would not be sent home again. So my water would have to break before I went back to the hospital. I wasn't kidding.

I woke up about 2am the following Tuesday with my back killing me (I had back labor with Jack so this seemed familiar) and I could feel the pain much lower than the contractions I had been having up until this point. Around 4:30 B woke up and we talked for a while but, I made him go to work. I knew that we had plenty of time and I doubted this was the real thing. So he left. By 6 I texted mom and she said she was going to stop by and go to work late just to "look at me". lol I think she knew. By the time she got to the house I could barely talk through the contractions and they were coming fast. Now the thing about my labors is they tend to move fast. So we knew it was time to get moving. I called B and he had already arranged for someone to come in early and was on his way. I guess he knew too. lol

We rallied the troops, called the OB (who said to hurry up) and headed in. This part is where things get fuzzy. I know we got checked in and the nurses asked me if I wanted something for pain. I got checked, I was a 7 and Amanda said I was staying and having Lena before I left. So I said yes to an epidural. They told me the Dr would be quite a while and asked if I wanted something that would make me feel relaxed, almost drunk. I said sure,  since my back was killing me at this point. Well, I'm not sure what it was but, that medicine they gave me was straight from the devil. I couldn't see straight, I couldn't move right. I felt completely out of control. Something I do not like to feel at all and insult to injury it stopped my contractions almost completely. Woomp womp. I was so mad. Since I was so dilated they had to start piton.  I was bummed but, ready to get the ball rolling again so we did at a slow pace. My contractions started back up, I got my epidural and then Amanda and Dr. Sighn both walk in. Turns out because I had so much fluid Lena's cord was settled in the way of my cervix so when they broke my water or had it at home (thank God it hadn't), there was a good chance the cord would prolapse and Lena would be without her life line. Amanda basically told me they were going to break it together. Dr Sighn was going to hold Lena up from my belly and she was going to guide my cord out of the way and lead Lena's head down. She let me know if for some reason it didn't work she would keep her hand in me holding Lena off her cord and we would go straight to an emergency c-section. Que the tears and praying in the room. It worked. They were able to get the cord out of the way and lead Lena down. I stretched to an 8/9 and then pushed to a 10. About an hour later it was time. I pushed about 27min. OUCH. My epidural had worn off and holy ring of fire. People don't kid when that's what they call it. I really didn't think I was going to make it but, just when I thought I couldn't do it a minute longer she crowned and then popped out. :)

Lena James Cisilia W. was born February 26, 2013 at 6:23pm.  7 lbs 4oz and 20.5in long.

Brian, my mom, Sasha and Pam were all there and Pam got some amazing pictures I will treasure for ever. Jack came that night and was immediately smitten. He had been with my dad all day and I am so thankful for dad for keeping him busy and excited. Dad said when Brian called to say she was here but, to give us a minute to get to the room and settled he told Jackson just a bit longer.  Jack started crying because he was ready to see us NOW. Dad said he packed him up that second and they headed up. He knew Jack needed to be there and I am so glad he listened to that.  After everyone got snuggles and visited for a bit B took Jackson home and Lena and I stayed the night in the hospital, just the two of us. We stayed almost exactly 24hrs. Maybe 26 total. She checked out perfect and we got to head home and sleep in our bed that next night.

We are so in love. There have been adjustments, learning to live without sleep again. Although, I can't complain she is already sleeping great at 6 weeks. We have shed tears together learning to breastfeed and we have hit our stride. Such sweet moments we share together while she eats. Jack is in love. He adores her and wants to hold her always. He is so protective over her and "can't wait until she will play back". She is starting to really focus on us and give genuine smiles. Jack loves this. We all do really. I will be honest and say I wanted boys. Girls scared me but, now that Lena James is here I've done a complete 180. I am so thankful to have a daughter. To get to have the relationship I have with my mom. I am sure we will have ups and downs but, if we are lucky we will be close like mom and I.

Lena Beana, you have completed us as a family. 
We love you so sweet girl.