Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jackson asked me why he had nipples today?!! 
 ::enter mommy blank stare::
 I told him they looked handsome on his chest. 
I am sure this is not the right answer. 

Everything little is "like baby Liam" lately. 
Babies, dogs, sandwiches, socks.
My personal favorite is his pinky finger.
"Aw, mommy do you see my little one {pinky} 
It's so little like baby Cliam".

I bought him a duck bill that is a whistle. I thought it would quack.
You know the one's I'm talking about?
Umm, no. It's just a crazy high pitched whistle.
That duck bill may disappear.

I will be up watching the royal wedding tonight.
I know so many people just don't care but, I am so excited.
Wish I had some of these so I could sip my tea 
with my pinky up while I watched.
                                                                           Source: via  Pinterest

Favorite phone picture of Bub's this week.

Song's I have had stuck in my head this week.

Keep me in Mind, Zac Brown Band

Careless Whisper. George Michael

Man I am all over the place today. 
Have fun getting George out of your head all weekend.
Your welcome. 

Last night.

Momma and Daddy are tired but, feeling so lucky that is all we are today.
The news this morning is just heart breaking and we are praying for everyone affected by the storms last night. We buttoned down and moved to the hall bathroom to let the storm pass just in case.
No taking chances with Jackson. Back in the day I probably would have slept through the storm.
It's amazing how nervous something like will make you when you with a little one. 

Yes, this is my baby in the bathtub. We made a pallet and let him chill out.
He was watching Mickey.
We had everything we could think of just in case. 
Thank goodness I got to put it all back this am.

 We had pillows and blankets ready in the hallway.
I was texting with my good friend/neighbor she had her kids in the hallway. 
We were all pretty scared. Not knowing what to expect.
 Thank goodness we didn't lose power, we were able to hear the countdown of minutes until it reached us. The last 5 and it was time for him to wear that helmet for a different reason. 
May we never have to use it for anything other than baseball again.
But, like I said by early this am we were all back in bed. All three of us snuggled up and 
thankful as we watched it pass over another area. Keep everyone in Alabama in your prayers. 
Georgia too. The footage this am is just so sad. We have heard from most of our friends and family. 

The Red Cross is taking donations for Alabama residents affected by the storms yesterday. To donate, visit the Red Cross website or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to give $10.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Helmet

Feast your eye's on my guy.
He is so funny with his helmet. 
He loves this thing. 
Evenings have been filled with outdoor ball games and bubbles.

I love spring.

 So stinking cute but, we don't just think he's handsome. 
This kid can play!
 Batter Up!
Running the bases never looked so good.

Some times he runs them in order, sometimes not. I have a feeling 
t-ball may be a lot of "over here, no the other base" yelling. 
Not that we will care when he is this happy. Love it. 
Hope you guys are soaking in all the gorgeous spring.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This and That.

I have about 10 projects in the works right now.
So many I have yet to share. So in an effort to not only show them off but, 
light a fire under my hinny to finish them, here they are.
I found this plaque in the clearance aisle at Marshals. 
For $2 I knew I could make the creepy cherub that was on there 
into something I would love.
I love the zig zag pattern that is everywhere right now.
Grabbed a pencil and went for it.
 Grey and white, my favorite colors.
Almost complete. I am going to add 
the wording that will be my tattoo on here also.
I found some of these on Pinterest and had a few 
things I thought would be perfect to make one.
A vintage hanky from my wedding and a lace doily. I just need to
add the stitching and hang it in it's new home.
This is a small project but, one that makes me so happy.
I got these great containers at Ikea and LOVE the way they look. 
What types of projects have you been starting/finishing lately?

Saturday, April 23, 2011


For today and that it is about way more than bunnies, eggs, and candy.

More than thankful that he rose again.
More than thankful for faith.
More than thankful that I can pray when I just don't know what to do.

More than thankful for our families. 
More then thankful for our friends.
More than thankful for the babies that will be here in December.
More than thankful for the hard times.
More than thankful for the trials.

A friend this week posted that he was thankful that gas was so expensive and that he had a mortgage that he had to pay each month because it meant he had a home and car. {He said it much more eloquently this was a small portion and he had a great point}  I know these seem like silly things to say and it is never about finding joy in our material possessions but, all to often we forget to look at what the bigger picture is in our complaints to God. Thanks, D for the prospective. 

It's a pretty lovely place.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We had Miss Evie and baby Liam 
{Jackson calls him baby Cliam}
down for some Easter fun this week.  
We dyed some eggs while they were down.
Evie was very gentle with her eggs. 
Jackson was dunking them like basketballs. Go figure.
They both wanted to scoop the eggs out.
 Making up colors was so fun for them. 
All finished. They were so proud. 
That middle picture is a big high five! 

This is a super cute idea Michelle came up with.
Lollipop seeds. 
We put this together while the kids played.
Check out her post here for the explanation. 

Pretty Cute huh?! 

This age is so much fun they are really into being so hands on. 
Even if those little hands end up splatter painted with egg dye.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is a ridiculously sentimental mommy post. 
So if you are not in the mood for gushing,
 I may just skip this one.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with love for my little family.
Seriously, I look in the face of this little guy 
and could almost choke with love.
No really, like the in the stomach punch that we got this amazing kid. One who sings jingle bells year round, who when he
 wants to get our attention when he is super excited
says "Hey, Guys!", one who says he loves Canda {panda} bears, and hums when he gives us snuggles. It's like we won the kid lottery. I am sure when he is 16 and I can't get him to wake up to get to school on time and he is way to cool to snuggle his parents anymore. It will make us bummed but, right now. We are
 really in this sweet place of just drinking it in. 

I look at my husband and really am overcome with emotion. 
We did this. This was our dream.
When we were out on the lake, in our boat and just 4
 months into our relationship. We dreamed of this.
We dreamed of today. We talked about how one
 day if we had a son his name would be Jackson.
We dreamed of playing baseball in the front yard 
and trips to get ice cream.
Here we are.

Today I am overcome with love
This little family, it is perfect for us at this time.
I am getting closer to the big 3-0. 
I guess it's supposed to be this life changing age thing to swallow.
I won't say I haven't momentarily moments where I freaked
but, most of the time I am sitting on the thankful seat.
Ready for the next chapter. 

{and this love fest wouldn't be complete with out a picture}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A haircut, baseball, and an egg hunt.

This little guy has been busy lately. 
He got a fresh hair cut with this favorite gal.
 Ok, is this not the cutest thing ever! 
Miss E just wanted to give him a kiss and he was so embarrassed. 
This is one for the wedding loop for sure. 
We have also been training for the 
Major League almost every evening.
CC got Jackson a helmet, bat, and some t-balls.
 This kid can't get enough. Check out that hiked up leg.
This past weekend we got to go to
 Jackson's first Easter Egg Hunt with friends. 
Karen was such a gracious host and everyone had a wonderful time.
There is a group of us that started having children around the same time and meet in an online mommy board {gasp, I know}. 
Now the families have expanded and most of 
the kids have younger siblings.
It's so fun to be apart of this group of women. 

{Thanks to Karen and Michelle for some of the pictures} 

A big Thank you to Karen and her family
 for hosting such a fun hunt. 
Busy, busy but, oh so fun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Polish...

I shared this picture in my 
Friday Pinterest Love post.

                                 Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Seriously, I love this polish. Just don't know where to find it...
I did find this one.
Kinda cute 
Close but, no big glitter.
Hmm, guess I'm going to have to keep looking. 
What is your favorite spring 
polish so far this year?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Monday Jiggity Jig

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. 
Mine was pretty great. 
Saturday night we got to be a part of a surprise engagement.
It was amazing! I will share the story once the bride 
shares it with everyone close to her.

Do you know what else is pretty awesome.
This kid. 

And this kid of course dancing like that one.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday.


Happy Friday! 
I am so excited about this weekend and can't wait 
until next week when I can share why!
You get some eye candy today via my Pinterest.

Love this.
                                                                      Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Saw this frame and fell in love...
                                                              Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

So I made one last week.
 It's the lyrics from At Last. I walked down the aisle to this song.
It is still just as true today as it was then.
I used an old frame, paint, and a sharpie. All things I had.
I love free crafts.
I hate competition. It makes me so uncomfortable.
 I want to do my best and my life is full enough
 not to have to be right/win.
Thanks Sum for talking me off the ledge. {muah} 
People should only compete with themselves not the ones they love

                                                                             Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Birthday Tattoo placement???

                                                                                 Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I think I need this pedicure...
where can I find a polish like this? 
Any ideas?
                                                                     Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

We are heading to a Easter Egg hunt Sunday. 
I am making these to take.
                                                                         Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I absolutely love this.
                                                                      Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Another inspiration photo I loved .
The living room is almost done. 
About a week or so left and I will share.
                                                                           Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

So we went to Ikea picked up the ledge and added it in the space. 
I love the way it came out.
Have a great weekend. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adore Adele.

Some days just call for her music. 
Ok, most days. I adore her voice.
So today I will share some of my favorites with you.
The other day I turned on my Adele pandora station in the house. 
Jackson came in the room 
and asked me for my hands...
So we could dance. 
As if I needed another reason to love her.

Happy Music Thursday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peas & Carrots.

A few weeks ago Evie's mom, Michelle and I hit up the cutest children's boutique near her home that was going out of business. 
She had talked highly of the store and we made 
it in on their last weekend open.
While the kids played we wondered around picked up some goodies to put up for presents. We were standing in line and
Michelle looks over and reads this aloud to me in German.
I asked what it was and she just said "peas and carrots".


Why is this so cute?
Jackson and I have this thing that we say to one another.
" I love you more than. . . peas and carrots"
Because he loved peas and I love carrots.
I am not sure why we started saying it but, it stuck.
So when I saw this I knew we had to have one.

Completely precious.
 Little wooden peas and carrots. 

In those hands I love so much.
I am thinking of framing them somehow since 
they are chocking hazzards. 
Best $1.50 spent ever.

Take a listen. 

Any cute things you say with 
someone in your life?
I'd love to hear it.