Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catch Up, phone dump.

Part 1:

Seriously I am still dreaming about this
 homemade Baily's Michelle made me.
Delish. Check out her blog HERE
We got to hang out with a long time friend. 
The fun thing about Facebook is you 
get to reconnect with old friends.
The zoo was so fun that day.
We went on a mommy/bub's date.
Seriously I am one lucky momma. 
I checked out furniture, loved this mirror. 
Hubby not so much.
It didn't make the cut.
We also checked out furniture.
 I was the crazy lady walking 
around with our drapes and a paint sample.
Daddy helped finish the painting of the living room.
Some parts were just to high for me and Nanny.
Could not have done it with out her!
Found this treat! 
I am blogging about it later.
Seriously mommy swoon.
My baby brother turned 28. 
For 5 months we are only a year apart.
Then I will be 30. :/ :)
That pretty lady behind him is his sweet 
gf T who just moved from Tx.
Looked at more furniture...
Realized that there is NO sweeter thing 
than a baby straight out of the bath,
 in a white onesie, that smells like the pink lotion.
Saw some pretty sunsets.
Made some one's toddler bed
 into a big boy bed. 
Enjoyed a cookout with nanny, chris and friends.
Some driveway baseball.
{sorry with the sideways pics, blogger is being silly}
Kareoke was so funny!
Some golf with the hubby.
I make a great caddy. ;)
Part 2 Manana. 
Happy Monday!


Summer Athena said...

looks like one amazing time!

Allison said...

Wow, you've been busy! And a good kind of busy! Love the catch up :)

Michelle said...

Fun times!