Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peas & Carrots.

A few weeks ago Evie's mom, Michelle and I hit up the cutest children's boutique near her home that was going out of business. 
She had talked highly of the store and we made 
it in on their last weekend open.
While the kids played we wondered around picked up some goodies to put up for presents. We were standing in line and
Michelle looks over and reads this aloud to me in German.
I asked what it was and she just said "peas and carrots".


Why is this so cute?
Jackson and I have this thing that we say to one another.
" I love you more than. . . peas and carrots"
Because he loved peas and I love carrots.
I am not sure why we started saying it but, it stuck.
So when I saw this I knew we had to have one.

Completely precious.
 Little wooden peas and carrots. 

In those hands I love so much.
I am thinking of framing them somehow since 
they are chocking hazzards. 
Best $1.50 spent ever.

Take a listen. 

Any cute things you say with 
someone in your life?
I'd love to hear it.


Allison said...

Ahhh! That is just TOO CUTE!! I can't wait to have sweet little things like that with my guy :) And those peas and carrots are ridiculously cute, too. I wanna see what ya do with 'em!

adrienzgirl said...

That is so adorable! We go back and forth. I love you. response: I love you more Response: I love you the most Response: I love you the mostest ostest. Response: I love you to infinity and beyond and you can't add no mo'!

Donna said...

That is absolutely precious. So sweet!

Summer Athena said...

this is the best thing ever. kristen and i call each other peas and carrots. hee hee.

you and your son have a great relationship, ra!

Michelle said...

Evie says to me "I love you 'all to the moon' and back". From Guess How Much I Love You.