Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A haircut, baseball, and an egg hunt.

This little guy has been busy lately. 
He got a fresh hair cut with this favorite gal.
 Ok, is this not the cutest thing ever! 
Miss E just wanted to give him a kiss and he was so embarrassed. 
This is one for the wedding loop for sure. 
We have also been training for the 
Major League almost every evening.
CC got Jackson a helmet, bat, and some t-balls.
 This kid can't get enough. Check out that hiked up leg.
This past weekend we got to go to
 Jackson's first Easter Egg Hunt with friends. 
Karen was such a gracious host and everyone had a wonderful time.
There is a group of us that started having children around the same time and meet in an online mommy board {gasp, I know}. 
Now the families have expanded and most of 
the kids have younger siblings.
It's so fun to be apart of this group of women. 

{Thanks to Karen and Michelle for some of the pictures} 

A big Thank you to Karen and her family
 for hosting such a fun hunt. 
Busy, busy but, oh so fun!


Donna said...

Glad that we get to be part of your fun activities! Had so much at the egg hunt. Love the kiddos --- and of course the mommies!

Karen said...

Thanks so much, Ra! Jackson is sooooooo adorable! Love the photos of him and Evie. :o)