Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Helmet

Feast your eye's on my guy.
He is so funny with his helmet. 
He loves this thing. 
Evenings have been filled with outdoor ball games and bubbles.

I love spring.

 So stinking cute but, we don't just think he's handsome. 
This kid can play!
 Batter Up!
Running the bases never looked so good.

Some times he runs them in order, sometimes not. I have a feeling 
t-ball may be a lot of "over here, no the other base" yelling. 
Not that we will care when he is this happy. Love it. 
Hope you guys are soaking in all the gorgeous spring.


Donna said...

My goodness, this is just pure cuteness! So adorable.

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

How sweet is he with that helmet!! I could just squeeze those sweet cheeks!