Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last night.

Momma and Daddy are tired but, feeling so lucky that is all we are today.
The news this morning is just heart breaking and we are praying for everyone affected by the storms last night. We buttoned down and moved to the hall bathroom to let the storm pass just in case.
No taking chances with Jackson. Back in the day I probably would have slept through the storm.
It's amazing how nervous something like will make you when you with a little one. 

Yes, this is my baby in the bathtub. We made a pallet and let him chill out.
He was watching Mickey.
We had everything we could think of just in case. 
Thank goodness I got to put it all back this am.

 We had pillows and blankets ready in the hallway.
I was texting with my good friend/neighbor she had her kids in the hallway. 
We were all pretty scared. Not knowing what to expect.
 Thank goodness we didn't lose power, we were able to hear the countdown of minutes until it reached us. The last 5 and it was time for him to wear that helmet for a different reason. 
May we never have to use it for anything other than baseball again.
But, like I said by early this am we were all back in bed. All three of us snuggled up and 
thankful as we watched it pass over another area. Keep everyone in Alabama in your prayers. 
Georgia too. The footage this am is just so sad. We have heard from most of our friends and family. 

The Red Cross is taking donations for Alabama residents affected by the storms yesterday. To donate, visit the Red Cross website or text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to give $10.


The Hill House said...

It is heartbreaking. So much loss and devastation. Glad it passed you by.

KLaw said...

This just breaks my heart. So scary. Thank God you are okay.

Allison said...

How scary. I couldn't imagine. And we live in OK now. Whenever we have questionable weather I live at the windows, on look out. It terrifies me. So thankful you and your family are safe, so heartbroken for the families that weren't as lucky. That pic of Jackson in his baseball helmet in the bathtub really is too cute, though.

Nana said...

...Yes thank the good lord above yall were safe!!!! I don't know if it was better back in the day when you just knew it was gonna be stormy and just wait for it to pass, the minute by minute is nerve racking!! Love ya'll!!! and then previous pic's with the helmet please send copies for me to love love them!!!!