Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pool Day

Pool days consist of...

Jumping and Splashing

Filling up and dumping out his cup 5000x

Wearing a bowl like a Yamaka.

Gotta love a pool day.

xoxo ra

Monday, July 26, 2010

Apparently my next house will have 5 kitchens.

and I don't cook much in the one I have...

I love a good design blog like the next girl.
The beautiful pictures, the natural lighted rooms.
Sometimes when I am on said blogs. I will bookmark the pictures and put them in my
when we build our dream house in 50 years with the lottery we shall win and I can have Genevieve and Candince fight over who shall decorate what room
folder of dream rooms. 

Except when I was going through my latest folder of pictures I love.
{I seriously have a new one every month}
this is what I found...
{via the blog-sphere, if I got this from your blog let me know and I will link back. 
I only save the jpg. address}
Ummm, I am either hungry or really into kitchen's. Cause that is it.
So my dream house apparently has 4 kitchen's and two dining rooms.
Nice huh? I bet these kitchen's don't have messy junk drawers. 

We are headed to the pool tomorrow with Nanny and doing some of this.
The heat here is just crazy.
Stay cool ladies

Oh, and hop over here and give Miss KLaw some love.
 Baby S is making his grand entrance today!

xoxo ra

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Messiest Drawer in America

This weekend was BUSY. 
We moved my baby sister into her new place at College, a cute 1930's home. 
Did some cleaning around the house. Cleaned out BOXES full of clothes and toy's 
of Jackson's that we are going to donate/ give to friends. 
Started the process of making the nursery, his Big boy room. 

 But, Oy Vey!
  I think I may have found the Messiest Drawer in America and It's in my kitchen
The kitchen junk drawer had gotten out of hand.
How does a drawer this big...

Hold all of this.
Seriously, I am embarrassed. I mean how many times must have I just 
opened it and shoved something else in?
and then something else.
I mean I had 9. 9 bottles of nail polish.
3 screw drivers, 3 pairs of scissors, 4 key's, 3 tubes of chap stick, 2 lip gloss sticks,
10 cherry jolly ranchers, 2 paper punches, ect, ect, ect.
 I did some cleaning out and am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I'm no Martha but, I'll take it.

So Happy Monday Lovies. What did you do this weekend?

xoxo ra

::Waves Hi, to the Meet & Greet Monday Gal's::

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We had so much fun playing at the pool yesterday with all our favorite friends.
I haven't uploaded the camera yet but, here are a few I took from my new phone.
Kinda fun huh?

{splashing fun}
anyone know how I can rotate this in blogger?}
{sweet man enjoying lunch}
Have a lovely Thursday

xoxo ra

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What cha think?

Of the new header and the name addition?
I was just thinking it needed some oomf.

and how about those stache pictures?
{we have a pool date planed for tomorrow so lot's of fun pictures to come}

xoxo  ra

some eye candy to hold you over

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It was a Party to remember!

This past weekend Bestie and Mom threw Dad and I one heck of a party.

The decorations were AMAZING!
Go HERE and see a peek.
BUT, the funniest thing of the night...

This cup full of mustaches

Yep, Pam thought of everything. Even the faux photo booth background.
I have 100+ pictures so I shall give you the highlights.

{Jackson was not so sure}
{getting our suprises from mom, Paper Source GC}
{Thanks Mom, we PPH PS}
{Daryl and Shanna}
{His eyebrows were cracking us up!}
{Bestie's Hubby and Mine}
{Mom with the natural Stache Gang}
{Kim and Josh}
{Anna Grace and Sash}
{Justin, Marah, and Lyndsey}
{Me, Mar-bear, and Linsee}
{Grandpa and Nana}
{haha! Lala and Pam}
{The BBWBFF Girls}
{we all worked together at a certain lotion store}
{Sister In Law's}
{Taryn and Sash}
{and A-Town Down girl}
{Mom and Dad}
{Ha! Dad and Christian or as Dad calls him Germany}
{Jackson as my dad}
{This sums up the night! So much fun}

Thanks everyone for coming out. It was a blast!

* Don't forget to see if you won a giveaway and email me your details.*

xoxo ra