Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Festivities.

We spent an amazing 4th of July day with friends and family!

Mom ran the Peachtree Road Race yesterday morning. 
She did awesome finishing the 10k in about an hour. 
It is the largest 10k in the country with 55,000 people running,
 it was an awesome way to start the day.

{I was screaming "whoo mom!"}
ever the CC Fan club president / official picture taker

Then we headed to Stephanie & Christians house 
for a neighborhood cookout. 
Their neighbor's had everyone over for some 
amazing food and company.
I had "Porch Punch" for the first time. 
It was delish and a light drink 
I shall be making at our next get together.
After a wonderful meal and desert.
{I made a yummy peach cobbler}
We headed over to Decatur for the fireworks.

Daddy and Jackson made some driveway art. So American. :)

A rare photo of us together. I love this boy.

Everyone getting ready to watch the fireworks

Ha! I love this picture. He was not so sure about the noise.

The fireworks were so pretty! 
We did a lot of walking away from the noise.

This pretty much sums up what Jackson thought.
He was turned away from the fireworks cuddled close to daddy. He didn't
like the loud noise but, turned around a few times and said "Cool!"

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

xoxo ra

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KLaw said...

What a beautiful weekend with your gorgeous family! Love you ladycakes!