Thursday, July 8, 2010

A boy and a blue sock monkey

Jackson got this sock monkey for his birthday.
They have a love/hate relationship. 

It sits in his anywhere chair, and at least once a day
he picks it up and this is how it goes...

Mommy take my picture.
He even says "say cheese"
going to get a train
"monkey no hit train"
"I'm sorry monkey"
"let's sing happy birthday"
{in his crazy deep voice)
"I love you monkey"

and monkey gets put back in his chair until tomorrow.
Such dramatics.
Seriously, I have NO IDEA where he gets it from.
I love this kid, he cracks me up.


kirkandmona said...

That is so hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing.

Shanna said...

too cute!

Pam said...

Helarious! I love the "nnnnooooooo!" I can totally hear it in his voice! :)

Cisilia "cc" said...

That was so funny. i would love to watch that happen but since you did such a great job with the pictures it was the next best thing. Long live blue monkeys