Monday, July 26, 2010

Apparently my next house will have 5 kitchens.

and I don't cook much in the one I have...

I love a good design blog like the next girl.
The beautiful pictures, the natural lighted rooms.
Sometimes when I am on said blogs. I will bookmark the pictures and put them in my
when we build our dream house in 50 years with the lottery we shall win and I can have Genevieve and Candince fight over who shall decorate what room
folder of dream rooms. 

Except when I was going through my latest folder of pictures I love.
{I seriously have a new one every month}
this is what I found...
{via the blog-sphere, if I got this from your blog let me know and I will link back. 
I only save the jpg. address}
Ummm, I am either hungry or really into kitchen's. Cause that is it.
So my dream house apparently has 4 kitchen's and two dining rooms.
Nice huh? I bet these kitchen's don't have messy junk drawers. 

We are headed to the pool tomorrow with Nanny and doing some of this.
The heat here is just crazy.
Stay cool ladies

Oh, and hop over here and give Miss KLaw some love.
 Baby S is making his grand entrance today!

xoxo ra


Amo said...

The heat here has been crazy too! I don't think it has left the nineties all summer! And being pregnant, unless there is a pool, you won't see me outside! Also, I think the kitchen is the most important room in the house!

Dana said...

Hey, with kitchens like that, you might as well throw in a cook and a maid (or five) might as well while we're dreaming right?

I remember seeing that top one somewhere and dreaming about that one too! I have a table waiting in my dining room to re-do.. It's served as a nice art table this summer.. Maybe once school starts.

Thoughts on Life and Dirty Diapers

Pam said...

I totally pph that 3rd one... love the photos on the wall and the lights above. swoon.