Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phone Dump.

Random Sandom.
So you get a phone dump.

On our way to the beach we stopped off this random exit and
 passed this liquor store. Why does this make me happy?
No, we are not heavy drinkers.
Mar-Jac is what we call Marah and Jackson.
How stinking cool is this!
 I finished reading Bossypants while we were at the beach.
This stuck out to me as ringing so true. 

 I need to remember sometimes "just because" 
is enough of a reason. 
 Saw this couple on the beach. Fell in love!
This is what I want B and I to be in 40 years.
{check out his purple tube socks}
 Found this yesterday for $9.
I may have squeeled.
I think it shall work great for a certain someone's
3rd birthday. . .
 Pasta salad ingredients and
 grilled chicken for dinner tonight.
Doesn't this picture looked yummy.
Zucchini, grape tomatoes, feta, peanuts, basil, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.
One of PW's recipes

 Jack had been telling me he wanted to paint me a bird house.
I found this one at Home Goods and he was so excited to finish it.
Dad says it's to late into the season to get a bird but, 
it will hopefully house one next year. 
Beach goodies hopefully up Monday :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Were back...

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog the last week or so. 
We were enjoying ourselves on a little beach vacation. It was awesome. 
Much needed and we are all back home missing the beach very refreshed.

I leave you with a picture of our little beach bunny.
This kid LOVES the water.

Back with a full recap this week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Songs we can't get enough of...

You should see the moves my almost 3 year old has. 
{Sob, six more weeks with a two year old}
Boy can boogie! I must admit he got his classic 80's ducky dance moves from his momma. What can I say. 
Here are a few songs lately we just can't get enough of.

Now this song for some reason makes me think of New Orleans. 

Can't explain it, just does.
So that makes me think of this guy. 
We love to slow dance just as much a boogie.

Then this song makes me think of this song...

and dancing with this guy.

Isn't music funny. How one song leads to another. 
Good times.

What songs are you dancing to lately?

Go Braves.

We went to our first Braves game of the 
season a few weeks ago.
So much fun. 

Daddy and Bubs ready to go.
 Watching the first pitch.
 Yes, I found chevron even at the game.
What can I say I love the pattern.
 Evie and family met us at the game.
These two are just to much.
Mickey Brave!

 They loved the ramp run with their tomahawks.
 Running the bases. 
If I am being completely honest I may have
 watched 2 minutes of the game but, we all had a great time
 and the kids slept great that night!

After we got home Jackson was obsessed 
with the Tomahawk Chop.
Check out my guy belting the song out.

{and on a non braves related note. Thank you Lala, he loves this outfit and I think you will be surprised to see where the other one pops up ;) we love you}

So much fun!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Sable.

We said goodbye to our sweet family member Sable today.
It was such a tough and brave decision that my dad made. 
Only out of love.  She was loved on, full of treats, and is truly at peace now.    It's never easy saying goodbye I just don't 
think any of us were prepared for it to be this hard.

Jackson just loves Sable.
 They have been friends from the start.
Heck, Sable is the namesake of his lovie. He asked to say goodbye today so he did. He knows Sable is all better in heaven.

Our Sweet Sabie Baby. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No, I am not pregnant. 
Not even close. 

I have had the nesting spring cleaning bug lately. 
Just feeling the need to freshen things up around the house. 

I have been collecting plates for a minute and finally started hanging them.
Makes me pretty excited.
We also got a new rug to go under the table.
I love grey and anything chevron right now.
Pretty obsessed actually. So you can imagine I freaked 
when I saw this one on Pinterest.

I love it and surprisingly daddy approves too. 
The living room is coming together too. 
We have pretty high ceilings in there. I would love
for the frames to cover the entire wall.
It's a good start though.
Does spring get you in the mood to change things up at your place too?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'll Love You Forever. . .

No more true words have ever been spoken.

My mom loves this book.
My brother, sister and I have all put this in every
 card for as long as I can remember to my mom. 
Now I get to pass on this tradition with this sweet book. I love it.
{You may have to turn the volume way up}

 Umm, and yea he's two and it wasn't nap time so he wasn't
 making it all the way through. Lol, well this is just real life. 
I love how he says "back and forth". :)

Happy Mothers Day Mom !
I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living my mommy you'll be.

Being a mom is the most amazing job I have ever had. 
Even if I don't get a salary, lunch breaks, or year end reviews.
It's worth every second. Wouldn't give it up for anything.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pinterest Love {part2}

These are a few of my favorite things.
Well, that I have pinned lately at least. 

I am loving this light fixture. 
It reminds me of Mardi Gras beads. 
                                                                Source: on Pinterest

You guys already know I adore Adele.
Seriously, she is witty and has killer pipes.
I do believe I would love to go to dinner with her sometime.
                                                                                      Source: None  on Pinterest

                                                                    Source:  on Pinterest

I have had my mind on a locket for a bit.
I am digging the sand one.
{wink, wink}
                                                                                Source: on Pinterest

Someone has a third birthday coming up.
I keep going back and forth with a theme.
This is super cute!
                                                                    Source:  on Pinterest

I am so in love with EmersonMade.
This shirt is at the top of my list.
Mother's Day is coming up.
{cough in a L, cough}
                                                                     Source:  on Pinterest

Ha! So very true but, I am still addicted.
Did you know the app is coming out soon.
                                                                                   Source: None  on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday.