Monday, May 16, 2011

Go Braves.

We went to our first Braves game of the 
season a few weeks ago.
So much fun. 

Daddy and Bubs ready to go.
 Watching the first pitch.
 Yes, I found chevron even at the game.
What can I say I love the pattern.
 Evie and family met us at the game.
These two are just to much.
Mickey Brave!

 They loved the ramp run with their tomahawks.
 Running the bases. 
If I am being completely honest I may have
 watched 2 minutes of the game but, we all had a great time
 and the kids slept great that night!

After we got home Jackson was obsessed 
with the Tomahawk Chop.
Check out my guy belting the song out.

{and on a non braves related note. Thank you Lala, he loves this outfit and I think you will be surprised to see where the other one pops up ;) we love you}

So much fun!

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Pam said...

Love the video! and how his face lights up when he says lala! :)