Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phone Dump.

Random Sandom.
So you get a phone dump.

On our way to the beach we stopped off this random exit and
 passed this liquor store. Why does this make me happy?
No, we are not heavy drinkers.
Mar-Jac is what we call Marah and Jackson.
How stinking cool is this!
 I finished reading Bossypants while we were at the beach.
This stuck out to me as ringing so true. 

 I need to remember sometimes "just because" 
is enough of a reason. 
 Saw this couple on the beach. Fell in love!
This is what I want B and I to be in 40 years.
{check out his purple tube socks}
 Found this yesterday for $9.
I may have squeeled.
I think it shall work great for a certain someone's
3rd birthday. . .
 Pasta salad ingredients and
 grilled chicken for dinner tonight.
Doesn't this picture looked yummy.
Zucchini, grape tomatoes, feta, peanuts, basil, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.
One of PW's recipes

 Jack had been telling me he wanted to paint me a bird house.
I found this one at Home Goods and he was so excited to finish it.
Dad says it's to late into the season to get a bird but, 
it will hopefully house one next year. 
Beach goodies hopefully up Monday :) 


Jane. said...

I love seeing your pictures!!! How did the pasta salad turn out? I love me some PW! I went to a book signing here in Augusta about a month ago. I didn't feel good (running a 103 fever) so I left after she talked, but it was fun seeing her and Marlboro Man! Take care!

Nana said...

......pasta salad looks as good as it sound today,,,,,maybe in the near future, thanks for sharing and we had a great time today, always love to see the "Jackman"....and great job on the bird house!!!!...lucky birds!!