Monday, September 24, 2012

The Reveal in pictures.

Well, we are still in shock over here at the W house hold. I think this whole girl thing may take a minute to soak in.

I wanted to tell the story about how the party came about so I have it down somewhere. I ended up having an ultrasound last Tuesday where they were 100% sure about the gender of the baby and the ball got rolling in a major way. We had the tech write the gender in a card and seal it. Donna who is our pastors wife and dear friend to us as a couple had the hard task of being the keeper of the secret. We wanted to be surprised with everyone so we took Donna the piñata, fillers (blue and pink) and the sealed card. It was the longest week of my life! I don't know how we waited 35w to find out Jack was a boy. Our friend Jane had thrown a lovely bridal shower the weekend before and offered to bring all the tables, and decorations. Pam and Bethany came with cameras in hand, and everyone else with food to share! It ended up being perfect weather and the perfect celebration of our girl! We even had some family from New Orleans come in town. We love that they were so excited to share in this they drove 14hrs to be here for only close to 50. Now onto the pictures!!!

The Piñata, the yellow highchair dad completely refinished for us. I love it! The gender guesses (how cute is the chalkboard Pam made) and the sweets!

The outside got transformed. Thanks Jane!
Everyone made their guesses!
Then it was time... Emotional was an understatement. Jackson was so happy.
All that pink!!!

It makes me teary all over again.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's a ...

We had an amazing little gtg this weekend to share with our friends and NOLA family the gender of baby #2! It was pulled together in literally a week and we can thank everyone enough for the decorations, food and company! So without further ado, here is baby number two...

We are so very excited to welcome Miss. Lena James to our family but, no one more than big brother Jackson. He is quite literally over the moon. The moment when he lean down and he points he said "I got my baby girl". It was awesome and obviously emotional. ;)

I will be back with all the amazing pictures everyone took for us later.  Although, this is my favorite. This is the moment after the pink burst out.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hello Baby.

Big brother so in love. 

Sorry for the radio silence. The first trimester got me good this time. It's true what they say, every pregnancy is so different.  We are beyond excited and Jackson is on cloud 9 as this whole baby idea was his. Smitten would be an understatement. Hopefully, now that I am feeling more human I will be updating through our crazy fall.

I'm closer to 15w now but, these are the belly pictures so far. Just so I have them somewhere. Here we go again!