Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today marked a big day in our house. It was Jack's last day of pre-k. We have seen him grow leaps and bounds this year with Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Kelly. It's really amazing. Today was bittersweet walking down that hallway one last time to pick him up but, this means he is having his first official summer and that we have a Kindergartener. Gah!

First Day. Nervous and excited. Plus, his hair hadn't started to really curl.

Last Day! He has this whole school thing down and loves it. I swear his legs grew an entire foot this year looking at the pictures. We are so proud of you big guy!

And now onto 6w of fun packed summer. We plan on soaking up every minute and staying busy with friends while we can. Next year is 5 day/full day. I swear I was just holding him as a newborn. ::sigh::