Wednesday, February 25, 2009

8 about 8 moths.

8 Months, Holy Moly! Seriously 8 Months...

So here they are our favorite 8 things about 8 months. 

1. He is silly. His little personality is really starting to come out and this child is funny. He will give you bashful eye's then when you least expect it bust out laughing at you. He is my silly man.

2. Reaching out for you. He has done this a little but, really started doing this a lot this month. He will look at who he wants and hold out his arm for you to get him. Ugh Come on... melt my heart.

3. Screaming! Or more like "Uggghhh". He was all about clinching his fists and growl/yelling out this month. Testing those lungs and then laughing all proud of himself. This is so funny. When he does this in public people just look like "what the..." Yep. I'm that mom I think it is so cute.

4. Sleeping in his big boy bed. At the start of this month Jackson decided he needed more room and wanted to sleep in his big boy crib. Granted we moved it into the room. (Mommy and Daddy were just not ready to have him in his own room)At first I was so sad to not have him co-sleeping anymore, but he is so cute in his bed. Our baby is growing up.

5. 20 lbs 13oz. ummm that's right my baby is a chunk er. Seriously if you put those saddlebags on a grown woman she would sob. On Jackson, the cutest most "chub" worthy thing ever!

6. Singing in the car. Most babies nap in the car and Bubbie takes his fair share of naps on the go. But not before he sings and babbles himself to sleep. A steady stream of Da dada and Ooo's from the backseat are a guarantee if you ride with us.

7. Oatmeal. Yep Oatmeal. It tickles me to no end how much this child loves his oatmeal. He loves food, his bottles. He will whimper when they are gone, but he opens so wide for oatmeal and gets all excited when you start to give him his bedtime snack. I will have to take a picture so you can see his face.

8. Bub's in on the move. He is rolling faster than you can turn around these days. We even ordered a new rug for the living room so he will have more space to roll on. This is a favorite but, also makes me a little sad. He is getting so big so fast. Our little man is 8 months old. I can't believe it. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some of my favorite pictures from 7 months.

I gave him so many extra hugs today. Can you believe he'll be 8 months tomorrow?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Say a Prayer.

I had every intention of posting some really cute pictures of Jackson and telling you all about the new stuff he is working on but, that post will have to wait to tomorrow. 

My heart is so heavy for a fellow "Nestie". Most of you know I frequent a mommies board called The Nest/Bump. There is a mom who frequents on the multiples board named Brook. You can see her blog HERE. She is mom to Sydney and Carynne. 
Both girls were diagnosed with Werdnig-Hoffman Disease. You can read about it HERE.  After finding out about this not even a month ago January 24 of this year. Sweet Carynne lost her battle yesterday and went to heaven. This family is devastated. Then tonight we got the awful news that Miss Sydney also joined her sister in Heaven. I have to hold on to hope that they are together with the Lord now and with out pain. I write this through tears as I cannot imagine as a mother and family how you even begin to go forward. Losing both of your sweet girls in 48 hours.
Please keep Brook and her husband Jake in your prayers. Words cannot express how sad I am for them and their families.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from the Big Easy

New Orleans was so much fun. We celebrated a few wonderful things.  Carl and Kim's wedding, Mom and Dad's 29th Wedding Anniversary, and B's 29th Birthday. Jackson had so much fun, and B even said he would love for this to be his yearly birthday trip. We finished the trip with an amazing dinner at The Pelican Club last night. I am still dreaming about my crab potato martini thing. The trip was a blast. I uploaded pictures and made a slide show. Enjoy. 

Thanks to Missie for hooking us up with rooms. They were perfect.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Orleans here we come.

So Baby J is getting ready to head to New Orleans (with us of corse). This will be the longest trip we have taken. I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I won't have a washer and dryer to use. A friend suggested I write down everything I use in a day for him so I would have a better idea what to take. Pretty much Brian and I can each take a small bag so I have enough room for all his stuff. I think I may be looking at this the wrong way. Any tips from traveling momma's. 

We are back on breathing treatments . A little cough showed up and we are trying to get it to go away! I am hoping to not also cart the nebulizer to NOLA. This has been a week of running around and I imagine next week will be to until we leave so I am looking forward to having a mini vacation and seeing some family. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Lovies.

Singing "Good Morning" to my toy.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

** Normally this will be "wordless".  I am stealing this idea from Lori at Kates Moma says . Check out her beautiful Kate she is swoon worthy.  So count on Wednesday's being super cute pictures of the man. **


Showing some love for Miss. Grits.

So oddly enough when you start following blogs, you really feel like you begin to know the people behind them. I mean that is the point of a blog right? 
Well Miss Grits, of Putting on the G.R.I.T.S.  has a broken heart. There was a man named Country, and now he is gone. Not gone to heaven gone, more like broke her heart in a thousand pieces after he spent the weekend wooing her. I have a few things I'd like to say to this Country fellow. 
So to show her some love we are all posting a "LOve BUtton"
I usually reserve all of my love on her for Bubbie but, he said I could share. So this one is for you Miss Grits. We know a more fabulous love is out there waiting.