Monday, February 23, 2009

Say a Prayer.

I had every intention of posting some really cute pictures of Jackson and telling you all about the new stuff he is working on but, that post will have to wait to tomorrow. 

My heart is so heavy for a fellow "Nestie". Most of you know I frequent a mommies board called The Nest/Bump. There is a mom who frequents on the multiples board named Brook. You can see her blog HERE. She is mom to Sydney and Carynne. 
Both girls were diagnosed with Werdnig-Hoffman Disease. You can read about it HERE.  After finding out about this not even a month ago January 24 of this year. Sweet Carynne lost her battle yesterday and went to heaven. This family is devastated. Then tonight we got the awful news that Miss Sydney also joined her sister in Heaven. I have to hold on to hope that they are together with the Lord now and with out pain. I write this through tears as I cannot imagine as a mother and family how you even begin to go forward. Losing both of your sweet girls in 48 hours.
Please keep Brook and her husband Jake in your prayers. Words cannot express how sad I am for them and their families.

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