Monday, January 14, 2013

Lena update. 26w-32w

Things have certainly progressed and grown (my belly) these last 7 weeks. We are pretty ready for Miss Lena although we would love for her to give us another 5 or so weeks.

Our friends and family spoiled her rotten and her little space is all ready for her arrival (see last post). It's quickly becoming one of my favorite spaces to daydream.

 On the pregnancy front things have been an uphill battle. I have gestational diabetes this go round but, the diet has kept me on track and at my apt last Wednesday I am holding steady at 17lbs gained so far this pregnancy. Much better than with Jackson. So the diet changes and being more conscious of what I am doing has paid off. My fluid has stayed pretty steady and high at 31cm each week. Although, last week  my fluid levels measured in at 20cm! This well in the normal range and we are praying with getting the GD under control my body is starting to let her regulate the fluids better. *Saying prayers they are the same this wed at her scan. I am still going to the OB weekly for my P17 shots. 3 more left! I am so ready to be done with these bad boys! OUCH. Weekly visits to the perinatoligist also happen and we watch Lena's breathing and have growth scans done. Last week she was measuring right at 4lbs 7oz. I know these numbers are often off and only estimates but, it's always fun to see her. Other than that I feel great. Granted a bit over it some days. So here we are several weeks out from meeting our girl. Typically, you go into labor 7-10 days after your last shot, that would put me at Feb 10ish? Daddy thinks they will share a birthday Feb 15th and I just want her here and healthy anywhere in that time frame. So we shall see!









and just so you can all see how stinking cute the big brother to be is...

He can not wait for her to get here and "Dr's my belly" to listen to her flip all the time. ::swoon::

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lena's Baby Shower.

This weekend two of my awesome, gorgeous, uber talented girlfriends threw Lena the sweetest shower. It was the most beautiful shower I have ever been to. No detail was left unthought of and our girl was spoiled for sure!

My precious girlfriends Donna & Pam. I have no words to tell you how lucky I am to count both of these ladies as my girlfriends/family. Pam is Nanny/bestie/brain sharer and Donna and I have become very close these past few years and will be MIL's one day together. As Jackson and our Samantha girl are going to be married.

The Details. The French Market was such a sweet place to have the shower and Pam and Donna put in so much work making sure everything was just right.
 All the ladies at the shower/ My sweet Marbear got Lena something to wear to her competitions (she is only a little excited) / Adding another girl to this bunch / I can't believe it's been 9 years since a girl baby. It seems like yesterday I was rocking Marah.
 So many sweet and girly things. I am kind of overwhelmed by the pink right now. Everyone brought a book and signed it. We have had fun reading them this week and setting them up in Lena's room.
 Such a fun day to catch up with girlfriends, and family. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

I have some holiday/Lena/nursery catching up to do. Hopefully I will get in gear this week. ;) 6 weeks to go!