Thursday, November 27, 2008

12 Things to be Thankful for...

6 Tremendously Important Things...

1. My relationship with God. I had always wished I was more faithful in prayer. Have a baby and Poof, It became much easier. lol. I am so Thankful I have a Savior that chose me and forgives me. Without this everything would be a wreck. Trust me.
2.My family, This one brings me to tears. I was so blessed to find a man, that loves me the most on my worst days. Then we had a baby. The love we have created this perfect little man. Oh my heart is full. 
3.My family. My parents, brother and sister. We are all really close. I am so Thankful for that.  My In laws are great. Last but not least Big Sissy, there are no words to express how thankful I am for my little chica.
4. Our friends, They are a small group but oh so amazing. I am forever Thankful for Them.
5. That I am a Stay at Home Mommy. This I am especially thankful for. I know at times it's stressful but, this is an amazing gift. I love being a mommy to Jackson. B works so hard to take care of us. 
6. Our Future.  I am thankful for what it will bring.

6 Silly Unimportant things...

1. Frozen Thin Mints. Enough said.
2. Warm towels, when you get out of the shower.
3. Good mascara, that cleans right off and lengthens lashes. 
4. Flip flops, Oh so comfy and always in style.
5. A good book, one I pick up and can't put down. 
6. Pictures, I love to take them, love to look at them.

Importance is rather subjective, but these are mine. So with this I'll say Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone takes time today to relax and enjoy the things you are thankful for. Lovies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 about 5 Months

I can not believe it. My baby is 5 months. This will probably be the reoccurring theme of the monthly favorites. Time has taken on a mind of it's own now that Jackson is here. I feel like he has been apart of us forever but, then I blink and another month has come and gone. He is continuing to change weekly and never ceases to amaze me. So here it is. My favorite 5 things about 5 month Bubbie.

1. The way he hums. When you are talking whether to him or someone else, this man is humming. Sometimes over your voice to get your attention, sometimes just softly to hear him self. CC says this is her favorite one too. 
2. My boy Laughs, I mean if you are excited about something. He will bust out in a full on laugh. It is the most beautiful noise in the world. You never know which excited comment will make it happen. So it's always a much loved surprise.
3.People call him chubby. This may seem odd to some, but to a mommy who's baby was labeled "failure to thrive" these words just warm my heart. He is 17 lbs and 11 oz of cuddle bunny.
4.He loves his Big Sissy. I had always hoped that hey would love each other but, this month he really started recognizing her. He just lights up when she is around. She reads him books, sings to him. They are the best of bud's. So their budding relationship is a favorite for mommy. 
5. He is standing on legs and sitting on laps. This is so sweet and makes him look like such a little man. He loves to stand up and "talk" to people around him. He is really checking out the world around him.So anything that lets him experience this. He loves. 

We love our little man. Ugh 5 months. I can't believe it's already here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We love the number 5

So the only time in their lives this will happen. Marah and Jackson both are both 5 !  Bubbie will be 5 months on Monday and Marah will be 5 years old on Wed. I ordered these numbers off of Etsy. We had to have special shirts to commemorate the day. Enjoy the pictures. Check out the many faces of Bubbie and Big Sissy. This is a typical "photo shoot". 1 out of 5 pictures I get both smiling. Check out Jackson's face in the second one. (te he he... They had both just woke up from a nap.)  Love these babies. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

6th photo folder, 6th Picture.

So I was tagged by "The Adventures of Mrs. Reagan" to go in my 6th folder and post my 6th picture. I am actually not on my lap top, I'm on my *gasp* hooked to the wall computer upstairs. I was almost in tears when I saw what the picture was. I posted the other day about our Big Sissy Marah. The picture is her on our first trip to the Ga Aquarium. Everything was so amazing and she was so in awe. This picture was when we saw the "big crabs". She was so proud and told me to take a picture for Bobby. ( That's my dad and when we were trying to get her to say grandpa. One day she looked at him and said "Bobby". He loved it and ever since he said he would smack any of us that tried to get her to call him different.) So this is her smiling for her Bobby. She turns Five this week. Where does the time go?

Ok so... 33 for a moment,  The mommy Instinct,  And Baby Makes Three,  The Comings and Goings of Little G, and Danielle "photog extraordinaire"

***Tag your it...

Monday, November 17, 2008

A beautiful thing...

As I took a picture today of my "big man" and I mean big man. I realized that I took the same picture two months ago to the day in the same outfit. At one month Jackson was given the"failure to thrive" diagnoses. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to hear. You think the worst. Well two months later we are laughing in the face of "Failure to Thrive". Mr Jackson weighed in at 17lbs 11 ounces on Friday. I have to share these pictures they almost make me want to cry. That time was so hard. I don't even think at the time how little he was. It will be the last time we photograph Bubbie with his Giraffe blanket and hat. They are going on a trip to South Dekota. To live with our friend Josiah, and his Mommy Ash.  Josiah was given this same diagnoses. He had surgery to make him all better. We know that he will be chunky in no time.  So we are passing the torch shall we say. This story is even better because Josiah's mommy and daddy used to giggle over a fat giraffe when they dated. I can't wait to watch Josiah grow to be that fat Giraffe, because to some mommies calling their baby fat is music to their ears. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gobble , Gobble...

Now that most everyone has received their Thanksgiving Post card, I can blog about it. I try to send out postcards I make on Scrapblog every once in a while to all our friends. The Thanksgiving one was extra fun because it was super cute and a really great deal. The day of Halloween I went on a hunt for this costume. The first time I saw it the wheels started turning for our Thanksgiving send out. I found one in Bubbie's size and paid $4.00! So worth this  festive card.  Even though I'm a little early. I wanted to share here as well. I hope we are all Thankful everyday for our blessing. We are extra Thankful for our little Turkey.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Big Sissy.

I realized to day that I don't blog nearly enough about a very important person in our life. Its Marah! Marah is my niece. She has been "one of our own" since we were blessed to find out she was part of our family, when she was three months old.  Brian and I have had her with us a  couple of day's almost every week since then.  Now that she has started pre-k it's been every other weekend but, we don't mind sharing. Words cannot convey what this little girl means to me. She is like my own. When we found out we were pregnant Marah actually told me. She woke up from a nap and told me she "had read to our baby". I didn't know what to make of it but, for giggles that night we got a test. The next day while giving her a bath I POAS. It was positive! We were all so excited, but no one more than Marah. Through out my pregnancy, she had many revelations. One was that even though I was really her Aunt. It would confuse our baby if she wasn't the Big Sissy. So from that day forth that became the name. Jackson just lights up when she is  around and they have had a wonderful relationship from the start.  I just felt with her being such an important part of the equation she should get a proper introduction.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Houston I have a problem...

Seriously, I can't stop myself. I see a footed sleeper and I must have it for Jackson. They are so snugly and cute on him. Daddy didn't think it was funny that I had a footed fashion show, but Bubbie didn't seem to mind. The sad part he has about 7 more I didn't even photograph. Don't you just want to hug him. 

Jackson's thought's about Obama...

So I asked Bubbie, what he thought about this historic election. He said he was pretty excited about what the future holds.

History was made... Thought's from Mommara

Tonight as I sit here and listen to the cheers and disappointments on TV. I am so thankful that Jackson will be raised in a country that give us the chance to choose.  I know this was no surprise to God, I pray as a country we can give this man a chance. I for one am proud to be apart of a very historical election. My hope is that we can as a country once again stand behind a president and be proud. (I have not been for the last 4 years)  Sure some of us will be nervous, unsure of the future, but be at least proud to be Americans. It will be a tough road ahead for him. I pray they can keep him safe. His girls deserve a dad and our country the chance to see what positive change he can bring. At this point your glass can be half full or half empty. Mr Obama is our new President. I for one and proud and excited to see what the future holds for our country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The PInk Pig

 I figured since Jackson was born in Georgia. He needed to take part in some fun holiday Atlanta traditions. The Pink Pig is definitely one of them. It is this cute little roller coaster that they put together in the parking lot of the Lenox Macy's. So we made the trip and found out Jackson was a little bit to small to ride. We still had fun walking into the tent and seeing the pink explosion. Jackson made some friends with the piggies and we did get to take our picture under the big sign. So fun. We are hoping the next time we go. We meet some Nestie babies.