Thursday, November 27, 2008

12 Things to be Thankful for...

6 Tremendously Important Things...

1. My relationship with God. I had always wished I was more faithful in prayer. Have a baby and Poof, It became much easier. lol. I am so Thankful I have a Savior that chose me and forgives me. Without this everything would be a wreck. Trust me.
2.My family, This one brings me to tears. I was so blessed to find a man, that loves me the most on my worst days. Then we had a baby. The love we have created this perfect little man. Oh my heart is full. 
3.My family. My parents, brother and sister. We are all really close. I am so Thankful for that.  My In laws are great. Last but not least Big Sissy, there are no words to express how thankful I am for my little chica.
4. Our friends, They are a small group but oh so amazing. I am forever Thankful for Them.
5. That I am a Stay at Home Mommy. This I am especially thankful for. I know at times it's stressful but, this is an amazing gift. I love being a mommy to Jackson. B works so hard to take care of us. 
6. Our Future.  I am thankful for what it will bring.

6 Silly Unimportant things...

1. Frozen Thin Mints. Enough said.
2. Warm towels, when you get out of the shower.
3. Good mascara, that cleans right off and lengthens lashes. 
4. Flip flops, Oh so comfy and always in style.
5. A good book, one I pick up and can't put down. 
6. Pictures, I love to take them, love to look at them.

Importance is rather subjective, but these are mine. So with this I'll say Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone takes time today to relax and enjoy the things you are thankful for. Lovies.


The Mrs. said...

So sweet...Our lists are so very much the same. I am so thankful for you and our relationship. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving.

JosiahsMommy said...

Hey Ra!
I haven't seen you on chat in a few days. I wanted to tell you we have a reflux support blog for The Nest mamas now.

Come stop by if you'd like. :D