Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 about 5 Months

I can not believe it. My baby is 5 months. This will probably be the reoccurring theme of the monthly favorites. Time has taken on a mind of it's own now that Jackson is here. I feel like he has been apart of us forever but, then I blink and another month has come and gone. He is continuing to change weekly and never ceases to amaze me. So here it is. My favorite 5 things about 5 month Bubbie.

1. The way he hums. When you are talking whether to him or someone else, this man is humming. Sometimes over your voice to get your attention, sometimes just softly to hear him self. CC says this is her favorite one too. 
2. My boy Laughs, I mean if you are excited about something. He will bust out in a full on laugh. It is the most beautiful noise in the world. You never know which excited comment will make it happen. So it's always a much loved surprise.
3.People call him chubby. This may seem odd to some, but to a mommy who's baby was labeled "failure to thrive" these words just warm my heart. He is 17 lbs and 11 oz of cuddle bunny.
4.He loves his Big Sissy. I had always hoped that hey would love each other but, this month he really started recognizing her. He just lights up when she is around. She reads him books, sings to him. They are the best of bud's. So their budding relationship is a favorite for mommy. 
5. He is standing on legs and sitting on laps. This is so sweet and makes him look like such a little man. He loves to stand up and "talk" to people around him. He is really checking out the world around him.So anything that lets him experience this. He loves. 

We love our little man. Ugh 5 months. I can't believe it's already here.


Donna said...

Happy 5 months!

Donna said...

Too precious! I love Jackson's chubbiness too...I got some great sugar under that neck chub last night! Hope you and the fam have a joyful day today.
Love you!