Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gobble , Gobble...

Now that most everyone has received their Thanksgiving Post card, I can blog about it. I try to send out postcards I make on Scrapblog every once in a while to all our friends. The Thanksgiving one was extra fun because it was super cute and a really great deal. The day of Halloween I went on a hunt for this costume. The first time I saw it the wheels started turning for our Thanksgiving send out. I found one in Bubbie's size and paid $4.00! So worth this  festive card.  Even though I'm a little early. I wanted to share here as well. I hope we are all Thankful everyday for our blessing. We are extra Thankful for our little Turkey.

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Rebecca said...

Love the Scrapblog! Thanks for the mention on your blog!

Community Manager