Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree video

Silly video of Bub's + Tree = Love 

xoxo ra

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best Weekend Ever! {picture heavy}

We had NOTHING to do and NO WHERE to go.
It was heavenly. 

We did a little of this, a little of that. 
A lot of Christmas decorating, football watching, and eating turkey.
The entire month of December is go, go, go. It's so fun and we fit in lots of visiting and festive events.
Tis the season for running around. Knowing that is just around the corner made this weekend even more
special. It was time for us to snuggle up and spend time. I *think* winter even showed up to stay here in the south east. We have been teased with weather in the 50's then 70's all in the same week and it looks like  it's time to start bundling up for good. Maybe even have a fire or two. 

So here was our {week}end.
Thanksgiving was amazing. The food was outstanding as always!
 Dad out did himself once again.
Bub's spread.
 Getting ready to say grace. Almost everyone in the picture.

We got our "big tree" for the living room.
Brian and I walked around for about 30 minutes looking for the perfect shaped tree.
 It was also about 2 feet shorter than this one... 
Jackson walks up to this tree and says  "this one". We tried to talk him back into
 the one we had chosen but, back he walked to this tree and said "THIS ONE". 
We came home with his tree of course. It is perfect. Absolutely perfect. 
His excitement this year is just contagious. 
The boys getting the tree situated 
 We started to put up some decorations.
 The new mantle chalkboard.
The decorating begins. Check out his p.j's. 

 One of Jackson's favorite since this is what he calls Santa.
Our finished tree!

Last but, not least. The cutest hat in the universe. 
I have loved owl anything for years now. 
I found this hat for Jackson earlier this year and had to order it for him.
He wore it all day today and it just made me smile. I can't tell you how many
people stopped us to say how cute it was. :)

Happy Monday Lovies.
xoxo ra

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seven years ago today.

This sweet, amazing, smart, thoughtful, sassy girl was born.
We are thankful for that so much!

She has made us laugh

Grown into a beautiful young lady

We love you so much Mar-bear!
Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Girl. 
Seven Spanks, a pinch to grow an inch and 10 minute hug
 are coming your way today.

xoxo B, Ra & Jackson.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day! {silly video}

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Happy Thanksgiving.
xoxo from our family to yours.

* I feel that I should add that while this silly song is a tad violent this Williamson Family gets their turkey the same way you do. We buy it at Publix and I am in no way for the harsh throwing around of anything but, cartoon animals. *


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little girl who made a big impact.

Today I worked with bestie in her retail store to help with the craziness that is going to be black friday.
This was a refresher day. So I could brush up on my skills and be ready for midnight madness on Friday. It has been 2 and a half years since I have worked with this company. It is actually where Pam and I met. She was/is my boss. :) Things came back to me and it was nice to be able to have adult interaction and feel needed in a way different than with Bub's. {would I give up staying at home for that feeling. Not on your life but, it was fun and I look forward to helping out friday} 
So today was nice, upbeat, a little busy, a little slow. 
In walks in an older man I would say in his late 60's and a girl about the same age as Marah. The man (her Great Uncle) sees this child only twice a year he tells us. As he walks in he says something utterly embarrassing about her being his wife he was about to marry she gives him the same stink eye I get from time to time from Marah. Because let's face it you are only so cool to a 7 year old and that would have embarrassed me at almost 30 years old. She walks off and this man proceeds to tell Pam and I in a hushed tone as if to explain her embarrassment  "That she was an adopted child. One of his nieces and she has some personality flaws and had been through something hellacious before they got her". I know he must not have noticed the sheer look of shock on our faces that he would talk so openly about the character "flaw" of a 7 year old to two women he has known for 5 seconds but, trust me we were horrified. He then states that he gave her a five dollar bill and told her
 "Merry Christmas, we'll see how far that gets you"
To say that my heart ached to snatch this girl up and tell her how amazing and beautiful she was would have been an understatement. In this store five dollars won't get you much but, I was going to be darned if she wasn't going to leave with a smile on her face and at least feel what love I could give her in 3 minutes. I asked if she wanted help and while I showed her how we could stretch that five bucks mentioned that my mom was also adopted. She smiled the most precious smile. She said she had been taken in 3 years ago with her three brothers. She said she loved her mom and was glad she got to keep her brothers too.  She started to open up and tell me about how they had traveled into town and that it still felt weird to have a family. That she really just liked to stay home because things made her nervous. I don't know if any of you have seven year olds in your life but, these are some pretty deep revelations for a seven year old to have.  I mentioned to her that my mom now worked at a school and had a big family of her own. The little girl just beamed and said she wanted to be a teacher. I told her I knew she could do it and I had a feeling she was going to be wonderful at everything she did. 
We may have talked for 3 minutes total.  
The little girl was smiling when she left. I can only pray as she goes on in her days that her parents are supportive. That she is encouraged and loved and snuggled so much. That she isn't made to feel less than because she was an "adopted child" as if that made her less real. Today was no accident. That precious girl was brought into my life for 5 minutes to remind me to pray. To be thankful that my own moms  story had a happy ending and keep praying for those babies who have yet to find that kind of love.
It made me think of Karen who's son came from Korea earlier this year. I am so thankful 
to know their are families like Karen's who just praise God daily for the blessings
 that their children bring. I know he will always feel just as special as his big sister. 
It makes me thankful for the grand-mommies who act as mothers.
 Who have stepped up and taken that role in place of the birth mothers who choose not to. 
I have some of those in my life too. I am thankful for the girlfriends I have made in play groups 
who love their own babies so much you can feel it just being around them. I am thankful for my best friend who will make the most incredible mommy one day. Who loves my child as her own. 
 I think Thanksgiving to me this year is about that kind of love in my life. 
I am thankful and prayer all at the same time. 
I don't think that little girl could ever imagine the impact she had on me today. 

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful for...

Monday Phone Picture Dumps.
Because sometimes I get the cutest pictures on my phone and well, this week 
of Thanksgiving is being spent with Marah before her 7th birthday on Friday.
{How is she already 7???}
Getting ready for Turkey day and having fun in general!
We took Marah to ride the pink pig last week.
 I just love this one of them looking in on Santa.
This is from Sunday we went to see the "Big Guy"
and have Jackson and Marah's pictures made.
We got our crying Santa picture for Bub's this year.
It wasn't all bad but, he was not so excited at first.
Marah in her precious dress.
After pictures we had brunch in Buckhead. It was amazing.
I am still dreaming of the homemade blue cheese dressing.
This silly reindeer was outside and they had some fun while we waited. 

We went to the mall after to order someone's 7th birthday cake.
She requested a cookie cake. Yummy. 
Lot's of white icing and balloons made of m&m's.
We may have stopped for some Yoforia.
Bub's being to cute in his bow tie outfit for Santa pictures.
Marah is staying part of this week. :)
Last night Marah and Bub's drew this.
So Yay. Happy Monday and Thanksgiving week.
We have a ton to be thankful for and will be spending this week with those we love.
{and eating way to much on Thursday}

xoxo ra

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bobby, Bub's and Jackson says...

They are two peas in a pod. My dad and Jackson. 
Jackson loves to go to "Bobby's house" and spend time over there. 
Dad came over this week and brought Jackson a puzzle. It was so sweet to watch him teach Jackson how to play with it.  My dad and I have a special relationship. I am very close to both of my parents but, my dad and I are more alike than different. I think this is a compliment to him and me. :)

Back to the puzzle.  One of the pieces was tricky and Jackson couldn't get it to go in.  So dad asked me to give him specific colored crayons. I was doing some laundry and could hear them chatting at the table. 
I walked in and saw this. 

I was sneaking pictures on my phone.
Talking up a storm to Bobby. 
 Dad was coloring the respective colors in place to help Bub's.
I love that he thought of this.
 Showing him how it works.
  Ta Da! He can do it. 
Puzzle: Dollar section at Target
Colors: $.79
Time spent with Grandpa Bobby: Priceless
This just warmed my heart so much.

These are two things that have happened this week and I wanted to put them down so I wouldn't forget.

One night this week. Out.Of.The.Blue. Jackson looked at B and I and announced he wanted a baby sister. We aren't ready to have another just yet. We are prayerful and waiting to see if it will be right for us as a family but, I would be lying if B and I both didn't melt from this.
 Googly eyes might have been passed between us. 

The next night. Jackson put one arm on my back and one on Brian's. 
Looked at us both and said "It's our family".
Gah, he kills me! 
I never want to forget these moments.

Happy Friday.
xoxo ra

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trimming the {playroom} Tree

I told you last week Jackson got a "Trissmas Tree" for his play room. 
We had talked about it for a couple of days asking him what ornaments he would want.  
This was his list.
1. Baseball
2. Balls
3. Fishing Pole
4. Ho-Ho {santa}
Once we got to the store he also added some dinosaurs.

He took it very seriously for about 5 minutes then figured out it was easier to give them to
 daddy and just point to where he wanted them to go. 

Here is a preview of the ornaments. We also picked up some faux (read:plastic) popcorn strands.

Once it was decorated he just walked around and around it. 
It is so sweet to see how proud he still is of his tree. 

and when I asked him what he thought 
he gave me a great big "Yee-Haw".
He is really into Woody right now so this was a huge compliment.
I love these traditions we are starting for him. I think this holiday is going to be extra special 
since he is already getting so excited about everything. 

xoxo ra

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Pink Pig 10'

The Pink Pig is an Atlanta holiday tradition and one we love to take part in.
This past week we took Nanny on her FIRST ride ever! 
Jackson was pretty excited to take her and hold her hand in case she got scared. ;)

 Jackson giving Priscilla high five

"All Aboard"
He was so excited

We are going back next week and taking Marah.
I guess we can check riding the Pink Pig twice off our Fall List.
Yay for holiday traditions. 

xoxo ra

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A fall-ish house tour and a great song

{press play}

I am really loving the fall weather and the way the house is changing seasons too. 

The Mantle

Can you spy my little owl glasses.
 I found them at Goodwill and just love them.
 The shadowbox I change with Nanny month to month
 Fall pictures and Bob the turkey.
We got him as a wedding gift.
No Joke

and the "ish" is that Jackson got a Christmas tree for his playroom today.
He is so excited about it. We are going to get him some ornaments after dinner tonight and 
maybe even listen to some Pandora christmas too.
Hear that Nanny? Your rubbing off on us. :)
Happy Fall Ya'll
{Oh, and I found that song on this blog. I have listened to it about 10 times today. I just love it.}
xoxo ra

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bay-ba Bay-Ba Ohhhh

My Justin Bieber's.

Happy Hump Day.
xoxo ra

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Fun.

For a family that has not had pictures taken as the three of us since Jackson's newborn pictures we have had a lot of pictures done lately. 

This weekend was no exception as mom schedule a shoot for the WHOLE family.
Dad, mom, myself, Brian, Jackson, Justin (brother), Marah, Sasha (sister), and Baloo (Sash's wiemie dog)

Holy Moly that is a lot of people to wrangle. It was so fun though and the location was amazing. I can not wait to see the pictures the photographer was amazing and was so much fun and comfortable to work with.

After we were done I walked back around to a wall I had spotted that we didn't use and a yellow tree that was gorgeous and grabbed some play shots. 

I am going to be an AW and share them. FB friends you have already seen these.
Man I love this girl.
 Yay for a real smile.

 Silly but, so her.
 Mom shot a couple of us.OOF but, love them all.
 Mom & Her Bubbie
 big hugs
 I love that he we are all smiling.
 My big man,

Happy Tuesday.
xoxo ra