Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was a great Halloween season.
We trick or treated 5 times!
Jackson got every pennies worth out of his costume this year.
Although by the end he did start asking me not to put it on.

Here are the pictures from Boo at the Zoo 
Jackson adores Evie. She is the closest thing to a girlfriend he is allowed to have
 and we completely approve. She is such a doll. He talks about her all the time at home.

and Halloween Night.
So much fun. Jackson had quite the entourage. 
Bobby, CC, Nuna, and Papa all came out and did the rounds with us.
He had a blast and slept like a rock that night.

and just for fun because you guys know I love a year to year...

1st Halloween

2nd Halloween

3rd Halloween

We are beyond blessed. Yayy for Halloween.
I am thankful for all the memories.
xoxo ra


Pam said...

I LOVE the pics! :) Makes me feel like I was there! I can't believe he has already had 3 halloweens!! Where do the years go!! :/

mommara said...
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Nana said...

goood job Bubs!!!!!

Alicia said...

he looks so cute! i love the costume! and oh my word....his first halloween pic is too cute!!

Sole Matters said...

love!! i adore that 1st baby pic!!!

Val said...

The first Halloween photo is the cutest pic ever.