Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful for...

Monday Phone Picture Dumps.
Because sometimes I get the cutest pictures on my phone and well, this week 
of Thanksgiving is being spent with Marah before her 7th birthday on Friday.
{How is she already 7???}
Getting ready for Turkey day and having fun in general!
We took Marah to ride the pink pig last week.
 I just love this one of them looking in on Santa.
This is from Sunday we went to see the "Big Guy"
and have Jackson and Marah's pictures made.
We got our crying Santa picture for Bub's this year.
It wasn't all bad but, he was not so excited at first.
Marah in her precious dress.
After pictures we had brunch in Buckhead. It was amazing.
I am still dreaming of the homemade blue cheese dressing.
This silly reindeer was outside and they had some fun while we waited. 

We went to the mall after to order someone's 7th birthday cake.
She requested a cookie cake. Yummy. 
Lot's of white icing and balloons made of m&m's.
We may have stopped for some Yoforia.
Bub's being to cute in his bow tie outfit for Santa pictures.
Marah is staying part of this week. :)
Last night Marah and Bub's drew this.
So Yay. Happy Monday and Thanksgiving week.
We have a ton to be thankful for and will be spending this week with those we love.
{and eating way to much on Thursday}

xoxo ra

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Pam said...

I love ALL of these.... so glad yall had such a great weekend! :)