Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Fun.

For a family that has not had pictures taken as the three of us since Jackson's newborn pictures we have had a lot of pictures done lately. 

This weekend was no exception as mom schedule a shoot for the WHOLE family.
Dad, mom, myself, Brian, Jackson, Justin (brother), Marah, Sasha (sister), and Baloo (Sash's wiemie dog)

Holy Moly that is a lot of people to wrangle. It was so fun though and the location was amazing. I can not wait to see the pictures the photographer was amazing and was so much fun and comfortable to work with.

After we were done I walked back around to a wall I had spotted that we didn't use and a yellow tree that was gorgeous and grabbed some play shots. 

I am going to be an AW and share them. FB friends you have already seen these.
Man I love this girl.
 Yay for a real smile.

 Silly but, so her.
 Mom shot a couple of us.OOF but, love them all.
 Mom & Her Bubbie
 big hugs
 I love that he we are all smiling.
 My big man,

Happy Tuesday.
xoxo ra


Kelley said...

I love the pictures and all your outfits were coordinated just right!!! Not gonna lie, I kinda want to frame the one of just you three...the love shines so brightly!

Sole Matters said...

love the pics!!! you look great and i love how yall match, but arent too matchy. :)

Brown Girl said...

So so cute, those turned out great.