Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Dude, I have slacked at blogging this week.
More I was just lazy than anything. ;)
The cold weather does that to me. I just want to stay inside and snuggle.
I have phone picture updates cause I'm smooth like that and I haven't pulled out the D90 in
 a week. Slacker I tell you. 

This weekend we have...
Met Hayden and played at the mall playground.
Rode the carousel twice. Once on the elephant.
                                    Once on the frog                                     Drove a bus
and the trolley 
 I got my ring cleaned. It's been a while. Sparkley makes me happy.
 We have Marah this weekend. We saw a commercial of finger players like this
and had to do them. So funny.
         B and I ran the CHOA strong legs run this morning. Children's Heathcare was 
          where  Jackson did his PT and they literally helped him have Strong Legs. 
        This is a cause we gladly support! Did I mention it was 35 degrees this morning.
We were freezing! 
 Jackson may have worn this shirt three times this week. We did make a trip to Hobby Lobby to see all the Christmas decorations. Jackson is already so excited about it. 
It is so fun to watch holidays through his eyes. 
I can't get this one to turn cause I'm a dork but, I also made the tree initial picture for our room.
It's above the vintage hanky I carried in our wedding. 
Nanny did one this week also. 

The rest of this weekend is being spent watching LSU and Ga kick hiney 
this weekend and hanging out with the family. Stay warm Lovies.

xoxo ra


Brown Girl said...

Jackson is so sweet! And your ring is beautiful!!!

The Hill House said...

Good job for doing the run in the FREEZING cold!! Russell had to play football, so we spent our FREEZING cold Saturday morning at the football field. I feel your numbness! :) Glad you had a good week of being lazy...Now get back to posting!