Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Happy and Sad.

This week has been great. We have rested, 
had a movie date, had a pool day, 
lunch date with daddy and it's only wed.
One of my good friends is coming in town next 
week with her little man.
It's always tough when friends move away but, we are so happy they are so happy in there new home. 
Still we are looking forward to hugging necks and
 catching up in person!

I still have so much to catch up on blogging but, I am just not willing to stop the summer fun to do so. :)
A phone dump will have to do.

I took Jack to see his first movie in a theatre Sunday.
 We went with our neighbor friends and we saw Cars 2.
It was very cute and he did good. he asked to leave a few times but, would 
quickly get back into the movie and forget about it. 
I forgot how much I love movie popcorn. I love salt.
Jack was a huge fan too!
{Best picture I got of the two Jack's}
 Pool days get thumbs up from both of us. 
 Lunch with daddy and he got this funny hat. 
He was "Moo~ing" all the way home.
 This kid cracks me up 
"Mommy look I took my pants off, I can't find them"
Also Nanny shared a few birthday pictures
 with me the other day. 
Yayy for family pictures.

Love this smile.


I have a couple friends going through some really
 tough times in their relationships. 
I hope things don't come to divorce. I think that is such a sad ending though sometimes the best decision. 
Katie posted this beautiful and brave post today about where she has been. I thought her words were worth
 sharing and hopefully they will help someone. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Super 3rd Birthday. Part 1

I'll just start off by saying Thank You to all our 
friends and family who made it out to celebrate with us. It was an amazing time and we are so blessed to have so many of you love our guy and help us make his day so great.
 Now onto the party pictures!
{Click to make any larger}

These were the goodie bags for the kids.
I made super hero capes for them and included some fun glasses and lips that made noise. Big hit with all of them.

Jack's playroom. See the Atlas balls.
Inspired by Allison. 
{hey girl!}
Go check her out here.

The mantle with pictures from the last year 
and some of our favorite cards.

The super set up. Jack waving hi. He was so
excited for his friends to come over.

The CAKE! Holy yummy.
Kelley did an amazing job!

The George bounce house was a big hit!

Miss Sam

and Liam. Could they be any cuter?!

The water table was a huge hit! Thanks Miss Shelley for letting us play with it!

Now for my favorite part...


Became this...

{best daddy face ever!}

 Super Emmie

 Super Gianni

 Super Hayden

 Super Evie

 Super Jackson

 Super Liam

Had to include this one. haha

 Super Jack

 Super Aiden

Super Nanny

Super CC

 Super Mommies.

I have more pictures coming from everyone else
{hopefully some family pictures of the three of us :) }
and I will share those soon!

It was in a word, SUPER!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Birthday Letter.

Three years, three letters.

My Sweet Jackson,
{Uba, Jack, Booba, Monkey, Bubbie, Bub's, Dude}

Three years ago right this moment I was in pain. Serious pain.
Beautiful pain that gave us you tomorrow. 

This year has been extra special. 
Something magic happened between two and three.
You became less of a baby and more you, 
and you are AMAZING.
You are funny. You are so sweet. 
You are a silly, goofy, dancing, working, thinking, listening, hugging, I love you-ing, book reading, spelling, counting, singing, little man. We started talking. Not just words. I mean actual conversations. You explain things to me daily. You imagine things and create ideas. It has been an absolute blast watching you grow this past year. If I thought being a mommy was fun before I had no idea it would be this great. Sure, we argue. You don't like to stop and nap time is not your favorite but, trust mommy you are much sweeter when you have that rest. One day you will wish life still included nap time. 

I am constantly amazed at your compassion for people. 
You are very thoughtful. You want to include everyone and rarely meet someone you just don't like. This year you have fallen in love with sports. Daddy and I just love playing any type of ball game with you. You take playing very serious. 
You have made friends this year and 
I think fallen in like with your first girl besides mommy. 
Her name is Evie and her mommy and I think it is so cute. 
You have become interested in babies. You like that you are "not a baby but, a big boy" but, we need to nix the diapers pronto big guy. ;) This will be a something we tackle soon!  

We are thankful for every moment we have with you. Everyone is. I wrote something down the other day when I was having an especially sentimental moment about you turning three. I wanted to put it in words so you would know just how serious we are about the love as parents we have for you. It was that our worst moments now far out weigh the best one's we ever had before you. It is the truth. What did we do before Bubbie? Keep growing sweet man. Keep learning. Keep being my sweet boy. Let's at least try to prove the "trouble three's" wrong, ok? 

Happy Birthday Big Guy.
Happy 3rd Birthday.
We can not wait to celebrate it with you.

Love, Mommy & Daddy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Super Birthday Invitations.

Yes, yes another pinterest inspiration.
When I saw this picture I knew we had 
to try and make it work. 
                                                                         Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

After all Jackson is SUPER!

So with out further ado
{and missing details for obvious reasons}

The 3rd birthday invitations:

Love. Love. Love.

Details and A Funny

I have about 3 lists running of things for Saturday.
I only wish I was kidding. Some are small, some are big but, really  I just don't trust myself to remember if 
I don't write them down.

I love Pinterest! Anyone else?
I saw this idea on there. I may have even 
shared it from my Mantle board.
Yes, I have a mantle board. ;)
                                                    Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I found this frame at the Habitat for Humanity resale store 
for $6. It was an old random painting and 
Brain rolled his eye's at me when I walked up with it  may not have seen the vision at first but, now he is on board.
{did you catch the pinterest joke? I'll be here all week}

This is my Jackson birthday version of her inspiration. 
The pictures from l-r are of his last year. 

Other things have been getting finished too. 
All of the frames from the mantle have made there way on
 the back wall and it is feeling complete.

Large tassel garland. 
Super easy and cheap party decorations.
This became...
His playroom window.
{sneak peak so the guests are still surprised}

This is random but, while at Marshall's tonight I came across this chair.   Someone needs to buy it.
It's so perfect for a home office or dressing room. 
If I only had the space but, I do not. 
and the funny...
Jackson knows he is funny and he really likes to make us laugh.   Tonight out of nowhere he started saying 
"avocado, avocado" with a really funny accent.
This kid. He is just to much.

The big day is approaching.
Wish us luck. I am going to share his invitations tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thoughts before it gets here

How are we here. 3. Really!?! 

I have so many jumbled emotions wrapped up in this birthday.
This one feels way more bittersweet because our guy is 
growing out of the baby stage we have so loved.

Jackson was getting his hair cut a couple weeks ago and as he was getting his cut. 
There was a mom sitting watching a high school boy get his cut.
 I honestly didn't even realize they were together 
 until after she watched Jackson for a few moments
and looked up at me a little misty and said 
"that is my baby boy, he is going to be a senior this year". 
We talked about how fast it flies by and she just told me to just hold on to this little stage.

It's sooo cliche and so very true. 

I just want to pause right now. I have loved each stage, some more than others.
{Let's be real no one LOVES the spit-up/sleepless nights/billi bed beginnings}
But, right now is just so much fun. 

Mommy is just having a sentimental moment.
 I am really so excited to celebrate with our little man. 
Ahhh. I have an almost 3 year old. 

Sweet and Birthday Count Down

This was daddies favorite thing he 
got for Father's Day.

I asked him questions and wrote exactly
what he said. <3
I really love it too. 

THE 3rd birthday is in 4 days and we are in
 the birthday planning rush.
It's so exciting and his Super party is coming together. 
Pinterest has been my best friend during planning for ideas. 

I promise to post some details leading up to it and all of the other finished projects happening around here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Men

I am surrounded by great men.
{this is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever!}

Today we celebrate their awesomeness.
To use his favorite phrase.
My dad is bad ass.
To watch him love Jack so much and Jack love him.
They are buddies and it's priceless.
{dad holding me}
{Fashion forward in the 90's, awesome sauce}

You are a fine figure of a man 
and we love you dad.


This guy that I love so much is 
celebrating his 3rd Daddy Day.

It's amazing how much I loved Brian before we had Jackson.
Really it was, and now that love has just gotten silly overwhelming.
There is just something about watching you be 
this amazing dad to our dude. 

It's crazy how much we both adore you. 
I think these next three pictures just sum up how he feels about you.
Sure it was just a regular week night enjoying some 
shakers but, do you see it?

Overwhelming I tell you. 
Happy Daddy Day.
We love you.