Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Better than Jack White. {bada ba ching}

Cause these are white and grey stripes!
Holy Moly this was a LOT of work but, we 
are in love with the results.

So this was where we started.
Taping hell. 

 Surprisingly the painting went really quickly.
Me hoping we will like it...
Pulling tape, and pulling tape, 
and pulling some more tape.
I am thinking of keeping this and hanging 
it up like mistletoe at Christmas.
{i kid}


{see me in the mirror :) }

The colors are so nice.

We took it down the hallway too. 

Walking down the hallway

Yayy! So very glad this project is done 
and the tape is all thrown out. ;)
If we never see tape again, it will be to soon. 
Yippie, stripes!


Sara B said...

Wow! I love it!!

Allison said...

it looks AMAZING!! i'm in love with it! I know, all too well, the joy in finishing a task like this, well done!

Kelley said...

I love love love it. I am inspired, the kitchen will be painted this weekend!!!!

Michelle said...

Love it! Its fabulous!!

Allison said...

ok, I'm back to admire your wall. i really really really like it. and i really like the fact that you have a gallery going on. :)

Donna said...

Eeeep...I absolutely love it! Cant't wait to see it in person. Well done Ra and B!

The Hill House said...

That's awesome!! It looks great!

Stefanie said...

i love it - it looks great! you guys did a really good job.