Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Men

I am surrounded by great men.
{this is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever!}

Today we celebrate their awesomeness.
To use his favorite phrase.
My dad is bad ass.
To watch him love Jack so much and Jack love him.
They are buddies and it's priceless.
{dad holding me}
{Fashion forward in the 90's, awesome sauce}

You are a fine figure of a man 
and we love you dad.


This guy that I love so much is 
celebrating his 3rd Daddy Day.

It's amazing how much I loved Brian before we had Jackson.
Really it was, and now that love has just gotten silly overwhelming.
There is just something about watching you be 
this amazing dad to our dude. 

It's crazy how much we both adore you. 
I think these next three pictures just sum up how he feels about you.
Sure it was just a regular week night enjoying some 
shakers but, do you see it?

Overwhelming I tell you. 
Happy Daddy Day.
We love you. 


Cisilia "cc" said...

Precious RA. I totally agree to see dad love each of his children unconditionally was the sweetest and most precious joy in the world. I thank God for that gift every day. Love One Another !! I love you

Allison said...

ohmygoodness. That second milk shake picture is just too much! I love the way Jackson is looking at his Dad - precious! Watching father and son interact is really heart melting.