Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Super 3rd Birthday. Part 1

I'll just start off by saying Thank You to all our 
friends and family who made it out to celebrate with us. It was an amazing time and we are so blessed to have so many of you love our guy and help us make his day so great.
 Now onto the party pictures!
{Click to make any larger}

These were the goodie bags for the kids.
I made super hero capes for them and included some fun glasses and lips that made noise. Big hit with all of them.

Jack's playroom. See the Atlas balls.
Inspired by Allison. 
{hey girl!}
Go check her out here.

The mantle with pictures from the last year 
and some of our favorite cards.

The super set up. Jack waving hi. He was so
excited for his friends to come over.

The CAKE! Holy yummy.
Kelley did an amazing job!

The George bounce house was a big hit!

Miss Sam

and Liam. Could they be any cuter?!

The water table was a huge hit! Thanks Miss Shelley for letting us play with it!

Now for my favorite part...


Became this...

{best daddy face ever!}

 Super Emmie

 Super Gianni

 Super Hayden

 Super Evie

 Super Jackson

 Super Liam

Had to include this one. haha

 Super Jack

 Super Aiden

Super Nanny

Super CC

 Super Mommies.

I have more pictures coming from everyone else
{hopefully some family pictures of the three of us :) }
and I will share those soon!

It was in a word, SUPER!


Karen said...

I'd say SUPER! What an awesome party! Way to go!! Happy birthday, Jackson! XOXO

The Hill House said...

Those pictures made me LOL. :) Hope he had a great time!!

Michelle said...


Kelley said...

Love love love! Please post the good Emmie one on FB so I can steal it and show off my amazing baby!

Donna said...

Loving all all the details! Still have to download some of the pictures from my camera.

Pam said...

Had an awesome time! The photo booth was my fave! :) xoxoxo

Karin said...

too cute... love the photo booth!

Allison said...

Oh my goodness. I don't even know where to start. Ok, 1) the decor looks amazing! and your atlas lights turned out SUPER cute! I love how you have a cluster of different sizes. 2) that cake is stunning. and so fun! 3) the skyline/super kid pictures are too much! so much cuteness going on there. Looks like the party was a huge hit! Good job, momma of a 3 year old!