Friday, June 10, 2011

Craigslist and Nose Juice.

Random, short {kinda} and sweet.

I purchased this gorgeous vintage glass jug lamp at a garage sale last weekend. I was in love, unfortunately it's just to big for our room. This thing is massive. So I turned to my good friend Craigslist and was going to try and sell it for just enough to purchase a more size friendly version I saw at Home goods. I get an email from a nice older woman who told me she has a "thing for lamps", call we chat, agree on the price, ect. She tells me her husband will have to meet me as she is out of town. No big deal. Except hubby decided to call at 9:45 last night and give us a 10 minute story about being sick and all of this, can he come NOW and get the lamp. I kind of look at B he shrugs w/e so I tell him sure if he can come now. I mean it's late and you know I need to finish painting the playroom/hallway go to bed. 
He shows up, after getting lost, tries to haggle, is frustrated when it's not working, keeps mentioning how sick he has been, whips out a hundred dollar bill so he doesn't even have the right change, tries to write up an iou and have B sign it, and then tries to sell Brian on his home repair business. :/

I can't make this stuff up. Craigslist buyers are weird. 
Here's a cookie for reading that mess. :)
Well a picture of Bub's so it's better.

{Daddy and Jack fishing at the lake before the sun comes up ::swoon::}

Speaking of my little guy. 
This was an exchange between us this  morning as we get ready for a play date. 

He walked up to me this morning and started laughing. "Look mommy, I made me own tattoo". He is holding up his arm. I asked him what it was I could not figure it out. He all proud says "don't worry mommy, it's just my nose juice. Cool, huh?" 
Seriously, nose juice. Where does he get this stuff.  

Happy Friday. With two weekends until the big birthday party our weekends are jam packed but, so worth it. I am sad and excited all at the same time. 


The Hill House said...

O-M-G!! That's hilarious! A Nose Juice tattoo is even better than Brandon asking if I wanted him to put his booger back!! AHAHAHAHA!!

Allison said...

ohmygoodness! 1) craigslisters can be RIDICULOUS. we've dealt with our fair share. 2) fishing boys - adore! 3) nose juice. makes me shiver in disgust and laugh at the hilarity of it! too funny!