Friday, June 24, 2011

The Birthday Letter.

Three years, three letters.

My Sweet Jackson,
{Uba, Jack, Booba, Monkey, Bubbie, Bub's, Dude}

Three years ago right this moment I was in pain. Serious pain.
Beautiful pain that gave us you tomorrow. 

This year has been extra special. 
Something magic happened between two and three.
You became less of a baby and more you, 
and you are AMAZING.
You are funny. You are so sweet. 
You are a silly, goofy, dancing, working, thinking, listening, hugging, I love you-ing, book reading, spelling, counting, singing, little man. We started talking. Not just words. I mean actual conversations. You explain things to me daily. You imagine things and create ideas. It has been an absolute blast watching you grow this past year. If I thought being a mommy was fun before I had no idea it would be this great. Sure, we argue. You don't like to stop and nap time is not your favorite but, trust mommy you are much sweeter when you have that rest. One day you will wish life still included nap time. 

I am constantly amazed at your compassion for people. 
You are very thoughtful. You want to include everyone and rarely meet someone you just don't like. This year you have fallen in love with sports. Daddy and I just love playing any type of ball game with you. You take playing very serious. 
You have made friends this year and 
I think fallen in like with your first girl besides mommy. 
Her name is Evie and her mommy and I think it is so cute. 
You have become interested in babies. You like that you are "not a baby but, a big boy" but, we need to nix the diapers pronto big guy. ;) This will be a something we tackle soon!  

We are thankful for every moment we have with you. Everyone is. I wrote something down the other day when I was having an especially sentimental moment about you turning three. I wanted to put it in words so you would know just how serious we are about the love as parents we have for you. It was that our worst moments now far out weigh the best one's we ever had before you. It is the truth. What did we do before Bubbie? Keep growing sweet man. Keep learning. Keep being my sweet boy. Let's at least try to prove the "trouble three's" wrong, ok? 

Happy Birthday Big Guy.
Happy 3rd Birthday.
We can not wait to celebrate it with you.

Love, Mommy & Daddy.


Tori Pierce said...

That is so sweet. Happy birthday to the little guy.

Michelle said...

Beautiful letter, Ra.

Kelley said...

SO beautifully written. He will read this one day and KNOW he is SO loved. Thanks for making me cry before 8am!

Alicia said...

awww that was so sweet!! seriously! you should print the letters out so he can read them one day :) i hope he had an amazing birthday!

The Hill House said...

Very sweet! Have fun celebrating!

Nana said...

beautiful.....and what a great celebration it was!!! Ya'll 3 make a most wonderful team!!! We love ya'll!!