Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thoughts before it gets here

How are we here. 3. Really!?! 

I have so many jumbled emotions wrapped up in this birthday.
This one feels way more bittersweet because our guy is 
growing out of the baby stage we have so loved.

Jackson was getting his hair cut a couple weeks ago and as he was getting his cut. 
There was a mom sitting watching a high school boy get his cut.
 I honestly didn't even realize they were together 
 until after she watched Jackson for a few moments
and looked up at me a little misty and said 
"that is my baby boy, he is going to be a senior this year". 
We talked about how fast it flies by and she just told me to just hold on to this little stage.

It's sooo cliche and so very true. 

I just want to pause right now. I have loved each stage, some more than others.
{Let's be real no one LOVES the spit-up/sleepless nights/billi bed beginnings}
But, right now is just so much fun. 

Mommy is just having a sentimental moment.
 I am really so excited to celebrate with our little man. 
Ahhh. I have an almost 3 year old. 

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The Hill House said...

I know this feeling all too well. It is definitely bittersweet. Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!!