Tuesday, July 2, 2013

She Eats!

Rice cereal but, still the cuteness is out of control. She loved it. Then spit it up, then ate some more.

First Bites...

Yes, three videos of her eating. I love it. Let the fun begin!

Months 3 & 4

This whole every two months thing is looking like a theme. Poor second child. ;p

With Jack we went to the pediatrician monthly. Heck most months more than once. Tis' life with a premie I guess. So this whole "see you in two months" thing still seems kind of weird but, I like it a lot.

So, here she is in all her glory. Now for 3 months I have no idea how much she weighed or how long she was but, girl was growing for sure. Started laughing and still hated tummy time.

 4 months... 15lbs 9oz, 26in . Sister is a chunk 90% on height and 50-60th for weight. Started lifting her head!!! This is huge. Still not a tummy time fan but, will do it. She loves to talk and brother is the funniest guy alive.

Love this baby girl and whoa check out my boy getting all grown up on me. <3 nbsp="">