Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyday simple things...

That make me smile so much...

Finding shoes laying just like this...

{nope I didn't put them like that it's how he left them}

and things that happen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

This little guy and I get ready for bed everynight.
Change clothes, diaper, lotion, repeat.


every night when I take off his clothes to this point he says
"Daddy... DaaaDeeeeee"
and I carry him to B. 
He giggles like crazy about his hair and wants daddy to see.
It's their special inside joke. 
It is so funny and an everyday simple thing I hope I never forget. 

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayer & Mello Yellow

I have been spending precious time in prayer for my family since this... {x}
Sometimes it takes the big bumps for me to get back on track with my prayer life. 

Yes God, thanks for the wake up call. 
So for three full months God has been working and changing us.
 A beauty from ashes type of thing. 
It's been a tough and precious thing.
I realize from that place God has renewed my prayer life, 
Our prayer life as a family. 

I wonder is there anything I can pray about for you?
It would be my honor.

I am borrowing this idea from Sweet Joyful Julia, 
it is precious and a great reminder to be thankful.
{her color is pink this week and just lovely.}

"Thankful for color"

This week I am Thankful for Yellow

I am thankful for my husband.
Who was sweet enough to put these Yellow sunflowers on my desk 
when he brought me flowers just because they would make me smile.
{They did}

I am thankful for the
 vintage yellow flowers on my owl.
Makes me smile.
{the rest of my lovely flowers}

The "nana's" that Bub's and I love to eat for breakfast.
I am thankful that he always wants to share with mommy.
I am thankful for that baby everyday.

I am thankful for the Yellow bushes out in front of our Yellow home. 
I love this time of year when over night they literally explode with blooms. 

and last but, not least.
Thankful for Easter.
Thankful that God gave his son and he rose again.
{yep hubby made a Who Dat egg on Sunday}

What are you thankful for these spring days?
I would love to know. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

I am linking over to my girl Summer's Friday love series.
So here are some things I am in love with this week.

* The way Jackson is saying things with a french accent lately.
Sable his puppy he calls "Say-bull"
It is the most adorable thing ever!

* Cran-cherry 

I gave up soda, and I am a huge Dr. Pepper girl. 
It was sad at first but, now I am in love with my new refreshing drink.

*  The fact that we get to go pick up our girl from school tomorrow and hang out all weekend.
We love when it is "Marah weekend".
Jackson literally giggles all the way home from getting her.

There will be lot's of coloring and we get to go see her Softball game!

* Things like this that make me smile.
{we heart it}

Hope you have a wonderful Weekend.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yard Work. 2009/2010

This weekend was one of the first beautiful weekends we have had. 
So like in plenty of neighborhoods across America it was yard work time.
Jackson  hears the lawn mower start and "vroom vroom, vroom vroom"
Is all you hear come out of his mouth. He LOVES to ride the lawn mover with Daddy.

I mean arms out "Hold you" style.
It is so cute. 

So this is last year:
{yes, i know it's blurry :( }

and... This year:

Love those boys.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zoo 2010.

While we had many a trips to the zoo last year.
I think this past week was the first time Jackson realized animals are at the zoo.
He had so much fun with Nanny and I. 

Meerkats were his favorites "meow cat"

Waiting on the carousel. 

Not sure what this was about but, I love it. 


Ha! The monkey had a "nana".

Yayy for Panda's

Watching himself in the mirror. 

Train time. 

Getting ready to ride.

A little worried but, excited. 

It was a great day. 
Yayy for Spring.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photobooth: A Love Story {a mommy and her boy}

If there is one thing my baby loves it is taking pictures.
 He loves photobooth {or to him "Cheese"}
So everyday sometimes we will have fun photobooth sessions. 
Here are some of our latest funnies.
Man I love this boy. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Nanny!

The moment you held him our hearts melted because we knew we had found his Nanny.
As a friend you are amazing, as a Nanny you are a Rockstar.
As a craft friend, cupcake baker, thrift store shopper  uda uda best(ha!). 
We PPH you so much! 
Happy Birthday
{St. Patty is lucky you share his day}

Blast's from the past...

Braves Game in 06?

Sweet baby love

with Marah

Jackson doesn't love to share but, he will.

1st Halloween

1st half marathon 13.1 miles baby! 
{phone pic}

The BBWBFF crew

A bride and her moh.

 we would understand that is true love!

We hope you have amazing day!

Happy birthday we love you so much!

p.s. {See you tonight}
 p.p.s. I love the next 5 months. We are the same age so you can't say I'm {so} old.
p.p.p.s. 28 is looking to be an amazing year.

P.P.P.P.S. We can't wait for you to open your gift! Eeeppp!

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