Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zoo 2010.

While we had many a trips to the zoo last year.
I think this past week was the first time Jackson realized animals are at the zoo.
He had so much fun with Nanny and I. 

Meerkats were his favorites "meow cat"

Waiting on the carousel. 

Not sure what this was about but, I love it. 


Ha! The monkey had a "nana".

Yayy for Panda's

Watching himself in the mirror. 

Train time. 

Getting ready to ride.

A little worried but, excited. 

It was a great day. 
Yayy for Spring.


The Mrs. said...

Yea! It was an awesome time... wanna go tomorrow. You can push me & j in the double stroler. :) Lovies.

Brown Girl said...

So so precious. I never get tired of seeing pictures of him!!

Nana said...

.....love the pictures and some looks like he and Nanny were saying the same things!!