Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a day at the Park

The weather here was so pretty today.
Sunny and 62. 
It *almost* had me thinking spring might be on it's way in.
Until hubby mentioned it was supposed to rain all this week. 
Boo, so we made the most of today and went and played outside.
This was Jackson's first time playing and walking at a park. It was so fun!
Makes me look forward to all the new adventures we will get to have. 

Here is what the day looked liked.

Ha! He wasn't in love with the baby swing.

Yet, the cool big swing was a tad big.

Music toys.

He loves to slide.

Not sure why I am rocking the Jersey Shore bump here.

My new favorite picture.


Walking boy.

He didn't love the dry grass. Check out that face.

What an awesome day!

Are you as ready as we are for spring? 
I can't wait. 


Sole Matters said...

was this at piedmont?! i was there today!

Sara B said...

Your weekend sounds just like us (except you had an extra 10 degrees of warmth!). It was so fun to be outside this weekend and see the boy actually discovering nature by foot rather than by stroller. Can't wait for spring, either!

Your post also made me miss Atlanta! I lived in ViHi for several years, within walking distance of Piedmont Park and I loved it!!

The Mrs. said...

Yea for family day at PP! The pics were awesome, what a great colorful place for shots! I love you! (and your bumpit!) ha

Auntie Yinsee (Lyndsey) said...

absolutley love the pics....hopefully we can go this weekend! see y'all in a few days!