Friday, July 29, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Justin {my brother} and Tori are blessing us with a baby.
We had a bit of a family gender reveal party tonight.
It was so much fun.

Momma Tori.

I adore everyone's faces in these but, my brothers face in the big one kills me.
Cue, the tears. Justin will carry on the family last name with his son.
Such a big deal. Word on the street is my dad shed some tears. ;)
We are all beyond excited! We would have been excited either way but, it's a boy

This is so funny. Welcome to our family.
 Loud, silly, loud, loud, and full of love.

Thanks Kelsey for the cake!

Proud big sister!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Throw Up. That sounds like a catchy title. ;)

Throw up.
Don't do it while you watch this video.
It is much harder to dance and video than I thought.
Alas, it wouldn't be our living room dance party if mommy wasn't dancing too. Right?
Try and enjoy it anyway. My guy has some moves.

Go dance in the living room today. It's so much fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Playing catch up yet again. 

Miss Michelle ordered the kids the coolest tape toy ever! 
It is tape that looks like a road and came with a zippy car.
Jackson has had so much fun with this tape.
It came all the way from Germany for him.
Evie has been wearing her super hero cape as a veil lately.
When Michelle told me this I remembered I had some veil material left from when I made 
Nanny's for her wedding. I went and grabbed a few things and $4 later.
Had a princess wedding veil perfect for her. 
She even wore it while we shopped at the outlet mall.
So stinking cute. 
When I finally got around to taking down all Jackson's pictures from the party.
The tape pulled the chalkboard paint off. 
Note to self for next time. I had a little touching up to do. 
This was half way through. It looks good as new again.
We got some new fabric in from AuntJune. I adore her shop and 
when I saw this grey sailboat material
 I knew I needed to add some to Jackson's room.
I love that all her fabric is hand drawn and then printed. 
One side is grey the other black and white.
I love it!
Can you see him?
Running the corner by the tv?
Our little streaker. ;)
Never a dull moment I tell you.
Nothing is sweeter than when Jackson tells me to stop what
 I'm doing and sit down with him and snuggle.
I know I won't have these moment forever. He will grow up and it won't be cool.
So I cherish them so much now. 
Finished boat pillow.
Goodbye blue master bathroom.
Yes, I am painting again. 
We are two rooms away from being completely done with the house updates.
I am going to do a big revel of everything once I am finished. 
Oh and speaking of pillows, I also finished the last one from our bed.
The two larger ones, that fabric came from an Ocho's sale. 
The chevron from a local quilting shop and
 the floral fabric from this sweet etsy shop.
 I am loving the finished look. 
Yay. All caught up.
Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phone {dump} catch up and Pins.

Yep, more magazine random phone pictures.

Seriously how cute is this pitcher? 
I saw one almost exactly like this at Home Goods 
if your in the market. I think it was $12.99
I love everything about this outfit.
 Alas, this is not my life. lol
Swoon. Nuf' said. 
Eeepp, it comes as a set of 3. 
My sweet sister got me this phone skin for my b-day. 
I am stalking the mail for it. How stinking cute.
Yes, I love my baby so much his face will be on my phone. 
Recognize it from anywhere? 
::cough, blog header, cough::
Hope you guys have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE movement.

This post is about poop.
 If you don't want to read about poop,
 skip this one. Mkay?

Our big boy pooped tonight. In the POTTY! 
Woop Woop.

This is a family blog. It's really my online mommy journal that
 everyone can read. So for the sake of documentation.
The big movement happened tonight.
July 20, 2011.
Jackson may kill me for this post one day but, that's ok. It's a part of the journey. 

Right after he pooped we were all excited and giving high fives. 
We told Jackson he could get a prize and he asked if we could go to 
target and we seriously jumped in the car. He asked to walk all the toy aisles
 and he did. Looking at everything and really weighing his options. 
So funny. He picked a remote control motorcycle.

Now fingers crossed this was not a fluke and we have made
 it one step closer to no more pull ups!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Today is my dad's 61st birthday.
We spent the day at Fernbank 
together with Sasha and Ben.
After Fernbank fun we went to Decatur and enjoyed 
some Taqueria del Sol for lunch.
Yum Yum. 

I have a few things {ok like a ton} I want 
to remember about dad and Jack. 
Since it's his birthday I thought I would share them.

I love that dad always says 
"Hello, my friend" when he sees Jackson.
Because they really are buddies.

I love that dad ALWAYS has a boat cup waiting 
for Jackson. I think Jack thinks this is magic. 

I love that my dad calls Jackson, Jackie.
But, when I call him Jack he gets on to me and tells me his name is JackSON. ;)

I love that when ever we leave mom and dad's, 
dad has to walk Jackson outside. 
It is just their thing. So cute.  

Hope you had a great day today dad.
We love you so much. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Weekend.

Was amazing.
I entered my 30's feeling spoiled, 
and thankful for my family and friends.

Friday night we went out with friends and 
celebrated Donna and I's birthdays.
The ladies, some of my favorite. 
 Mushroom and Swiss foam burger with
 onion rings and a mango martini.
It was so good. I could have it again this week.
 The kids have so much fun together but, when they 
heard the Milkshakes were coming it was so cute.
This was Jackson's "I think I see it" face.
Krispy Kreme and 
Nutella with Burnt Marshmallow
My Krispy Kreme was outstanding.
Afterwards Michelle and Niko had
 everyone over for a champagne toast and cake. 
Michelle was so sweet to make us this birthday treat. 
It was so good.  
 Birthday morning I awoke to sweet 
surprises from B and Jackson.
Mom and Pam {Nanny} had dropped off 
goodies for me too.
I felt so lucky.

Nanny made us some mini
 doughnuts with Grey icing.
{my favorite color}
Daddy and Jackson got me this necklace.
I am over the moon in love.
The tiny message inside said 
" I love you stinky face "
from our favorite book you can get here.
The doughnuts were a big hit. 
The boys were fighting over the last ones.
 Such a sweet morning.
I had a bit of a spa day and then we went 
to an Amazing dinner at 
Social Vinings with mom and dad.

Family picture before dinner.
Thanks mom

Dad and I were treated to birthday deserts. 
Fried Oreos and ice cream with banana fosters.
The head chef was a childhood friend and he 
was so sweet to send the goodies.
Thanks D!

What an amazing way to enter my 30's. 
Nanny and Mom also wrote such 
sweet posts for me you can read them
Here and Here.

your 30 year old Mommara.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The last day in my 20's.

Shall be spent with some of my favorite people. 
The day with my little man, I may even take his afternoon nap with him. Then dinner at Flip with an amazing crew,
followed by cake and a champagne toast at Michelle's for Donna and I. Social Vinings with mom and dad Saturday to celebrate our {dad and I} birthdays. Not to shabby. :) 
I share a birthday month with some awesome folks. 
Seriously how did I get so lucky? 

Dear 20's, 
You have been a blast! With me in college where I made some great memories and friends who I will have for life. School and job changes. Plenty of lake time, bonfires, dancing on tables, and live music. From pbr to glasses of wine. From dancing queen to sahm. You have been with me through heart ache and loss but, also the most important moments of my life. With me when I met a boy who "liked the way I talked", when we fell in love, said I do, bought a house, and had a baby. Celebrated that baby's 3rd birthday and a sixth wedding anniversary.  It's been a grand time. Cheers 20's. 
Let my 30's to know to be nice.
I am ready and excited. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Days

It has been HOT in Atlanta this week.
In turn it has given us the perfect excuse to be pool loungers. My dad got Jackson a puddle jumper and it has been just the thing to give him confidence in the water this year.
We have been visiting the Piedmont Park pool with Evie and gang a bit. They both have become quite the swimmers.
The pool is so nice, zero entry and has a lazy river. 
The kids love it and it makes it so much easier on us. ;)

Miss Abigail, Miss Evie, Mr Liam, Mr Jackson 
and the mommies too.
 Look at my big guy!
With me in the water. No hands!

Thanks Miss Michelle for catching him in action! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute and a question.

My guys sitting at the table, eating frosted flakes, and watching  for the birdies to come eat out of the feeder.
When did my baby get so long!?
Isn't a baby fresh out of a bath the best smell in the world?
If someone could slow down time just a
 touch that would be great. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The last weekend in my twenty's.

That's right. I am entering my thirties on Saturday and I am so excited.  This last weekend was so much fun and I wouldn't have done anything differently. 

We started the weekend on thursday with Mani/Pedi's and 
a quick drink with some of my favorite girls.

I convinced Sash to come meet up with me and we walked across the street to visit Miss Kelsey. She is an old friend of my brothers and such a doll. It was so good catching up and having a bit of girl time. Kelsey gave Donna and I a shot since we both have birthdays coming up. It was called Tuaca and tasted like burn! Ha. Donna and I can't hang like we used to we both felt a tad silly the next day.

Saturday morning daddy played in a golf tournament
 {and his team came in first place!} 
so we snuck in a visit to nanny that morning, and then got ready for a fireworks with friends. The city postponed the 4th of July fireworks for rain so we got to see them this weekend. 
Jack was nervous but, did really well. We walked away so we weren't so close and he did much better. Jackson loves his friends so much and we love their parents. ;)

Sunday we took daddy to Fernbank. Jack was so excited to show him all of his favorite spots.
We had lunch with Stephanie and Christian at Leon's for lunch and had some yogurt tap before we headed home for nap time. Yes, we all napped. It was amazing.

Since we had such a big lunch we made popcorn for dinner and watched some Handy Manny before bed. Making popcorn like this is so fun. Jackson loves when we eat Hibachi and the man makes the egg "roll" and sings "I like to move it, move it" So anything with that motion gets the song. It was so funny tonight him singing it to the popcorn. 

Such a great weekend!
My last week being 29 is upon me. 
We are going to rock it out. 
Woop. Woop.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You must try this! Hair idea.

Ok, very random hair thing. 
Very Random. 

I used to have super thick, long wavy hair and then I had the little love button you know as Jackson.
I had the normal pregnancy hair love while I was pregnant. It was even thicker and just nice.Then post pregnancy... BAM! 
It all fell out. Seriously I lost like 70% of my hair. 
My hair is now thin and frizzy. :/
I blow dry and curl it when ever we get fancy.
{read: 90% of the time it is just on top of my head with sunglasses}

I stumbled upon this hair tutorial in my reader, 
tried to go back and find where I saw it but, I couldn't find it.

It's long but, in the first few minutes you get the idea and her accent is cute.

Shut-up. No heat and awesome curls. I am so excited.
You blow dry your hair 
{they say you don't have to but, I would have frizz city}
and use a rubber hair band and sleep! So stinking cool.

I told Brian I thought this looked cute like this 
and I could wear it out. He kissed my forehead. lol

I am pointing at the rubber band thingy I used in that last pic.  and...
Nice curls. I am so excited about this.

I give my mommy stamp of approval on this. Meaning even with a three year old hanging on my legs, 
I could pull the hair band out and shake the curls. 
Done. :) 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photobooth fun!

Daddy plays golf on tuesdays so tuesday nights, Jack and I have date night. Tonight was turkey sandwiches with applesauce and banana bites cut up classy style. 
We sat at the big table {kitchen table} and used 
silverware for our nana's. After we ate we settled on the
couch for one of our favorite past times. Photobooth. 
After we took these Jack turned to me and said 
"This was a good date huh?" 
I die. Love my 3 year old.

Enjoy our date night pictures.

Daddy came home and got in on the action.

I'm not sure why the touching of his tongue was so funny.
 It popped up a few times.

Oh, the faces of Jack. 

Jack and Mommy through the years. :)

Happy Wednesday Lovies. 

I took some gender revel pictures for Nanny and Chris tonight. Can't wait for them to spill the beans. :)